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medal of honor

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lib hist

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of medal of honor

Major Adams VI
Major Adams was awarded the medal of honor for his selflessness in his time of service. With out being asked he volunteered himself to get into a fighter plane and go into the kill zone to rescue three wounded and captive soldiers.

Mary Edwards Walker
She was the first and only woman to receive the Medal. She was captured by Confederate forces after crossing enemy lines to treat wounded civilians and arrested as a spy. She was sent as a prisoner of war to Richmond, Virginia until released in a prisoner exchange. After the war she recieved the medal of honor for her efforts during the civil war. Her name was deleted from the Army Medal of Honor Roll in 1917 and restored in 1977
William Kyle Carpenter
We both think that these people are amazing. How they can do the things they do without knowing if there gonna live or be able to see there family again. The Medal Of Honor is really a good award. It shows that people in the world love their country, their people, and themselves about these soldiers stories are really amazing , They all have taught us a Lesson
The similarities of all are people is they all performed acts of bravery. Even though they won the medal of honor award for different reasons they all showed courage in the face of danger. These recipients all deserve the Medal Of Honor, They've put others before them and that is AMAZING.
Hershel Williams
medal of honor

for his actions in the Battle of Iwo Jima during World War II. He is also the last surviving recipient of the Medal of Honor from that battle
Hershel Woodrow "Woody" Williams is a retired United States Marine who received the Medal of Honor
Kyle Carpenter is the youngest living medal of honor winner. He is a medically retired United States Marine who received the medal of honor for his actions in Afghanistan in 2011. He placed himself between his partner and a grenade on a rooftop. Him and his partner both survived but had many injuries. Kyle showed bravery and sacrifice that day.
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