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Everyone's Future : Think Differently About Age

No description

Hannah Lewis

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Everyone's Future : Think Differently About Age

Vibe Experience is a multimedia and creative voluntary organisation working with young people in South Wales.

We provide a unique mobile provision, bringing a learning to the community.

We provide informal, inclusive and educational opportunities, empowering through a range of creative activities.
"Age is something that doesn't matter, unless you are a cheese."

Billie Burke
Why think differently
about age?
Who we are.
What we aim to do.
How we will do it.

who we are
facts about age discrimination
76% of older people
feel that their talent
is going unused.
Under 25s are twice as
likely to have experienced
age discrimination
as other age groups.
It's time to start thinking differently about age
60% of older
people agree age
discrimination is part
of their daily lives.
Age discrimination affects both older and younger people.
47% of younger people
believe that age
is very serious.

• Advocacy and benefits advice services to assist the most vulnerable both in the community and in care homes.

• Hospital discharge service to assist older people who need support when leaving hospital.

• Befriending services to prevent older people from becoming isolated.

• Ageing Well and Engagement Programme aimed at improving health and wellbeing.
Stereotypes make us believe that each group of people are the same.
Stops us from really seeing the person and their talents.

Prevents people from making a positive contribution to society.

Damages Community relationships.
This leads to
age discrimination.
What does Everyone's Future aim to do about Age Discrimination?
Challenge and decrease negative stereotypes of older and younger people. So reducing discrimination.

Raise awareness of the social exclusion faced by older / younger people that result from discrimination.

Promote better relationships between the different generations.

Create better community cohesion and increase community safety.

Enhance the wellbeing, self-esteem and confidence of the different age groups.
We Aim to...
We aim to use our organisations' expertise and experience in working with older and younger people to encourage others to think differently about age.
How are we going to do this?
Is it time to start thinking differently about age?

Deliver interactive workshops to a range of groups and organisations across Cardiff and the Vale.

Films will be used as a catalyst to promote discussion around stereotyping and age discrimination.

Challenge the negative stereotypes of older and younger people.
At the end of each workshop a pledge will be made.

This will empower individuals and improve community cohesion.

Get involved in 12 Community Events to promote the project.

Hold our own Everyone’s Future events to showcase intergenerational work.

Improve policy and practice by having involvement with core aim groups, strategy groups, conferences and forums.

An Everyone’s Future Working Group will be set up involving volunteers.
It's not just your future or my future, but Everyone's
One Voice: Shaping our ageing society, Age Concern and Help the Aged, 2009
Dwp- Attitudes to Age in Britain 2010/2011
Dwp- Attitudes to Age in Britain 2010/2011
One Voice: Shaping our ageing society, Age Concern and Help the Aged, 2009
Age Discrimination
Vibe Experience
Age Concern Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan
Our Partnership
Making the Pledge
Community and Intergenerational Work
Louise David - Age Equality Worker (Young People)
Vibe Experience Ltd
01446 700622 / 07725 038774

Hannah Lewis - Age Equality Worker (Older People)
Age Concern Cardiff & Vale of Glamorgan
029 2068 3694
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