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Viking Social Classes

No description

Angus Kleemann

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Viking Social Classes

Map of Scandinavia
The social classes of the Vikings
King Eirik Bloodaxe
Kings collected taxes from noblemen and land owners
Konungr (King)
Viking Hierarchy
Similarities Between Social Structures
Similar structure
Viking Noblemen
Jarls were second in the viking social hierarchy below the king
Jarls (noblemen)
Viking Social Classes
By Angus Kleemann
Viking Karl
Karls (common man)
Thralls (slaves)
Thralls were the slaves of the viking times
Social Hierarchy
Thralls and Salves
There are 4 social classes within the viking culture
Konungr (Kings)
Jarls (noblemen)
Karls (common man)
Thralls (slaves)
The king required a lot of money which was spent in different ways
Fashion was a necessary pursuit for a viking king
The king would always have men at his side ready to fight
The king would keep their loyalty though reward (Food, Drink, Weapons etc)
Jarls in most ways are similar to Karls
Jarls were employers, merchants, wealthy land owners etc.
Like most vikings, a Jarl would become a worrier when raiding or waging war
Karls were the bulk of the population
Freemen and could have a home, family, business etc.
Through enough wealth and luck could become a Jarl
Karls could own slaves
Another viking could give them accommodation in exchange for work if the viking doesn't have a home
They did most of the chores
Could be freed but weren't considered equal to karls
Once freed, it could take generation before that blood line can purchase a house
Free to marry
Had free time to do what they liked
Could be acquired through raid, trade or punishment for a commited crime
Weren't treated poorly
Thralls had no rights
Similar Structure Roles
Karl/Common people
Jarls and Celebrities
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