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QlikView - Unique, Mobile and Scalable

An introduction to QlikView explaining why it's unique, our mobile / big data strategy and how QlikView scales.

David Bolton

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of QlikView - Unique, Mobile and Scalable

Unique, Mobile and Scalable QlikTech What makes QlikView Unique? Questions? U.S.-based company, founded 1993 in Sweden
26,000+ customers in 100 countries
1,400 global partners
1,300+ employees across 28 offices in 23 countries No. 1 fastest-growing enterprise technology company (ZDNet)NASDAQ: QLIKChange Their World Grant and Philanthropic Programs BUSINESS DISCOVERY ARCHITECTURE
(Business user-driven, self-service) REPORT-CENTRIC ARCHITECTURE
(IT-driven, tightly controlled) IT DEPARTMENT QLIKVIEW
Dynamic dashboards
Search live data
Self-service analysis
Create analysis
relevant to specific
business problems
Change analysis on the fly END USER
Pre-calculated dashboards IT ROLE
Data preparation
and governance
Responsible for building all the analyses IT ROLE
Data preparation and governance
Enable business users to create their own analyses STACK
reporting DATA SOURCES The Evolving BI Landscape and IT’s Changing Role The Empowered
Consumer Apps Social Networking Search Mobility Who’s Driving Change? The Empowered Consumer Production IT Marketing Sales HR Finance Mobility Social and
Collaborative Remixability
and Reassembly App Model Insight
Everywhere Business Discovery: Business User-Driven BI The BI Landscape Business Discovery Adoption Path QlikView’s Core Technology An Associative, Collaborative User Experience Sales
Person State Product Region The Sum of Three Things Makes QlikView Unique Sales
Person State Product Business Discovery Traditional BI IT Driven
Linear, pre-defined thinking
Insights missed in hidden data
Months to change
Data-centric QlikView Delivers an Associative Experience User Driven
User decides where to start
All data, always visible
Minutes to change
Insight driven Region Associated: white Unassociated: gray Selections: green QlikView Show You What’s Associated — and What’s Not We make decisions based on multiple sources of insight. How Do People Make Decisions? Co-create QlikView Is Collaborative Explore Together Communicate Build and share analysis objects and apps
Modify apps together in real time using shared sessions
Develop asynchronously using source control integration
Discuss the app throughout its life cycle, right in context Co-Create Create and Share QlikView Objects Using a Browser Share analysis with bookmarks
Author in-context notes and comments
Present analytic content to others using familiar productivity tools Communicate Create and Share Bookmarks Annotations: Discussions and a Lasting Decision Record Find apps with a user-friendly portal interface
Integrate with enterprise portals and collaboration platforms
Explore QlikView live with others via shared sessions for a fast path to decision making Explore Together Collaborative Sessions Bring Decision Makers Together Holds data in memory for a super-fast user experience
Compresses data to 10% of original size
Optimizes the power of the processor to perform calculations QlikView’s Core Technology: The Basics Calculates aggregations on the fly as needed Maintains associations in the data automatically QlikView’s Core Technology: The “Secret Sauce” ENTERPRISE-WIDE

EMERGE The Business Discovery Adoption Path QlikView: Mobile and Scalable QlikView on Mobile is…
Consistent – Delivers the same QV application and experience on any device
Intuitive – Provides touch functionality that’s simple and consistent with user expectations
Secure – Inherits enterprise proven security of QV server, and does not rely on third party app stores
Manageable – Allows for a ‘build once deploy anywhere’ approach
Valuable – Delivers full power of QV server, allowing users to explore and exploit data without limits QlikView on Mobile Cross platform HTML5 web apps, handheld optimization, robust touch capabilities Key User Features
Intuitive touch interface
Includes selections, multi-select, select in charts and graphs, and other interactions and enhancements to provide a complete QlikView experience
Cross platform support
QlikView HTML5 Ajax client supports iPad and iPhone, Android Tablets and handhelds
Single object mode for handhelds
An optimized presentation mode for small devices using HTML5 technology, allows scrolling and selection of individual objects, supports iPhone and Android handhelds QlikView on Mobile – Key User Features Single Object Mode Features
Tiled Display
Allows navigation of individual objects in rows of tiles, with each row representing a tab in the QlikView application
Full Screen Object Interactivity
Shows an individual objects on the full screen of the device, allowing the user to analyze and make selections
Swipe to Switch Objects
Allows swiping from side to side to move between full screen objects in an application tab Optimized for handheld devices QlikView on Mobile – Small Devices Mode QV11 Supported Platforms (as of QV11 SR1) QlikView, delivered in a single, browser based, touch enabled interface Unified Mobile Architecture
The same server
Mobile application rendering built into QlikView server, no additional components to manage, after upgrade applications ‘just work’
Build once deploy anywhere
A single .qvw can be hosted on accesspoint and delivered across platforms with no additional configuration
Server-side security
Section access and authentication handled by server, works seamlessly across any client
Nothing new to buy
Natively part of QlikView server, no additional purchase for mobile, any license works QlikView on Mobile – Unified Architecture Blackberry Android iPhone iPad AJAX IE plug-in DEPLOYMENT TYPE 1X 10X Enterprise:
QlikView Local Client
Clustered QlikView Servers
Clustered QlikView Publishers Departmental:
QlikView Local Client
QlikView Server
QlikView Publisher Small Workgroup:
QlikView Local Client Single User:
QlikView Local Client (Personal Use License) 10,000X 25X QlikView is a Platform That Scales NUMBER OF USERS User License CALs
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