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wan sun

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Penicillin

Outline History of penicillin Advantages and disadvantages Penicillin Ahmad 4858 & Ada 7703 Introduction of penicillin.
History of penicillin.
Advantages and disadvantages
Reference list The discovery of penicillin Disadvantages History in General.

People who discovered it. Introduction If we want to understand what penicillin is we have to understand what antibiotics are.
“Antibiotic is a chemical substance that in dilute solutions can inhibit the growth of microorganisms or destroy them”
(Dilute means to make it weaker by adding water.) Penicillin is an antibiotic drug that was discovered in 1929.
It is one of the most effective medicines against many diseases that in history collapsed nations, and a lot of people had faced their destiny from many diseases that penicillin can now cure. (Ronald, 2006) Have you ever taken penicillin, if so, how and when? How did you know about penicillin? Questions Video Activity Thank you for listning
Have a nice day :) the success that came from penicillin from treating many patients, the army accepted penicillin as an important medicine to treat infections, and in 1943 the increase production was necessary. Fever
Easy bruising
Nose or mouth bleeding
Nausea , there's no evidence of that risk increasing. Although opinions differ on how risky it is.
People who study allergies that are caused by drugs tend to emphasize the risks of penicillin more than physicians who are responsible to control the life threatening infections.
The discovery of penicillin changed not only the course of medicine it also changed society

Doctors can prescribe medication that save lives within a few days of taking. People who discovered penicillin Alexander Fleming Boris Chain Howard Florey Ernst Boris Chain was born in Berlin, he was a chemist, he graduated with chemistry and physiology from Berlin. He was invited to Oxford University, and in 1939 he and Florey began to study antibacterial substances, and he found out how to isolate and concentrate penicillin. Howard Walter Florey: was Born in Australia, a brilliant student who studied medicine. He received his PH.D from University of Cambridge In the US. In 1935 he became a professor of pathology in Oxford and he lead a team of scientists to study the antibacterial substances. Alexander Fleming: was born in 1881 in Scotland. He studied and got his medical education from St. Mary's Medical School, London. He discovered the effects that penicillin has on bacteria, and he got rewards in 1944. The award of the discovery of penicillin was not awarded to one man.
There was three people who dedicated their time and effort into studying penicillin. People involved in penicillin Two scientists at Oxford, during World War two, thought it’s likely to develop and improve it by chemistry and bacteriology.
They developed a novel chemical tactics and they indeed enhanced penicillin and saved it in a powder for a few days, it was tested and was good to be treated by it.
People were interested in using it on war, and corporations began to make it faster, millions of peoples lives were saved in World War 2 by penicillin.
WHO IS THE SPY! Kardos, N., & Demain, A. (2011). Penicillin: the medicine with the greatest impact on therapeutic outcomes. Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology, 92(4), 677-687. doi:10.1007/s00253-011-3587-6

Wennergren, G., & Lagercrantz, H. (2007). "One sometimes finds what one is not looking for" (Sir Alexander Fleming): the most important medical discovery of the 20th century. Acta Paediatrica, 96(1), 141-144. doi:10.1111/j.1651-2227.2007.00098.x
Hamdy, R. C. (2006). Penicillin Is 65 Years Old!. Southern Medical Journal, 99(2), 192-193.

Van Arsdel Jr., P. P. (1968). The Risk of Penicillin Reactions. Annals Of Internal Medicine, 69(5), 1071.

Richards, A. N. (1969). The Production of Penicillin in the United States. Annals Of Internal Medicine, 71(5), 71. Reference list (Van, 1968) Advantages -Penicillin can cause allergies.
- we can conclude that using drugs can cause risks and threats to a human life. used penicillin and died from it had allergic history problems. Asthma is an example of an allergy that could happen. We can conclude that skin testing is needed before penicillin usage to any person who is allergic, and by that we can advantage from penicillin and use other antibiotic to whoever is allergic to it. (Van, 1968) (Van, 1968) (Van, A. 1968) (Richards, 1969) After the success Florey and Chain made by confirming that penicillin can be used on mice, they discovered it can be used on human.

Florey persuaded American drug companies to hugely produce penicillin. (Wennergren, 2007) (Wennergren, 2007) (Wennergren, 2007) (Hamdy, 2006) (Hamdy, 2006) (Wennergren, 2007) (Wennergren, 2007) (Richards, 1969) (Hamdy, 2006) Alexander Fleming Howard Walter Florey People who However After Alexander Fleming in 1928 was looking into a mold that destroyed bacteria, and he tried to prove there was antibacterial could be used against bacteria, and by time it was one of the most important observation of bacteria, and lead to the discovery of penicillin that kills bacteria and diseases.
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