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The Tom Thumb

No description

Julia Wynne

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of The Tom Thumb

Invented by Peter Cooper The Tom Thumb Peter Cooper was born on February 12th, 1791.He grew up in New York City. Cooper had a knack for inventing things. At 17, Peter invented a machine to join hubs of the carriage wheels. He eventually invented the Tom Thumb in 1830, a year after he used his glue factory to establish the Canton Iron Works in Baltimore. The purpose of this invention was to improve transportation. It was so much faster than how they were previously traveling. By using this steam locomotive, people gut around much faster. They used to get from place to place by riding on horses. That got them to where they needed to go, but took a very long time. Now with the Tom Thumb, transportation was much more efficient. The Tom Thumb was basically just a train that went from one point to another. The purpose of this invention The Tom Thumb was invented in 1830. During this time period, many people had to get around. After this steam locomotive was invented, Cooper realized that more railroads were needed. He then invested all of his money in building more railroads. He built railroads in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. When it was invented About Peter Cooper This was the Tom Thumb train. Where it was invented The Tomb Thumb was invented in 1830. It was made for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. It was the first steam locomotive invented in America. How it was invented This is New York City It was a very long process to make the Tom Thumb. First Peter Cooper had to get materials. After making tons of money at his glue factory, he built the Canton Iron Works, which was in Baltimore. Using the iron from Canton, Peter invented the Tom Thumb! After the Tom Thumb, Peter noticed that more railroads were needed. The first steam locomotive lead to more and more railroads, which helped more and more people get to where they needed. Why it was invented There were many reasons why the Tom Thumb was invented. One reason is transportation. Peter Cooper realized that after he finally built the Tom Thumb, we needed more railroads. He then made more railroads which helped lots of people. This invention was a huge help to many people that had to get where they needed to go. http://americanhistory.abc-clio.com/assets/mediaserver/AmericanHistory/2705/270549w.jpg How the invention affected history This invention affected science and technology in many ways. Peter learned that this invention could improve many lives by helping them get to where they needed to get in a quicker time. If people had jobs far from their homes, they could use the train and cut much more time of travel. Also this invention affected technology in a big way. Now that they had an idea of how to make a steam locomotive, and can now improve it to make it faster and safer. They had more knowledge about it so it gave them more information on what worked and what didn't. This invention helped us out so much and it still does today. http://culturegrams.es.vrc.scoolaid.net/gallery/albumindex.php?searchstring=Trains&index=3&useraid=1&refername=Photo%20Album&referid= http://culturegrams.es.vrc.scoolaid.net/gallery/albumindex.php?searchstring=Trains&index=23&useraid=1&refername=Photo%20Album&referid=
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