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How did the Plessy vs. Feguson case affect African Americans?

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Sacha Pamphile

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of How did the Plessy vs. Feguson case affect African Americans?

What was the Civil Rights movement.
During the Civil rights movement, blacks were not allowed to sit next to whites on the bus, eat at the same restaurants, and use the same facilities.

How the case started?
On June 17th 1892, Plessy bought a first class ticket to Lousiana Railroad and was arrested for sitting with whites. He challenged the segregation laws by refusing to move from a white car railroad.
What was the Supreme Court decision?
On May 18th 1896, the Supreme Court decided the Plessy vs. Ferguson case would be "Seperate but equal". "Seperate but equal" meant that blacks and whites would still have seperate facilities but blacks would start to have the same rights as whites over time. That's when the Fourteenth Amendment came into place, which prohibits states from denying the equal protection of the law. The Supreme Court ruling did not fully eliminate segregation but it was an attempt to give blacks rights.
How did the case impact African Americans?
After the Supreme court case made discrimination legal, African Americans started to fight for their rights, such as integrating schools. In 1954, The Brown vs. Board of Education case was ruled that schools that are segregated would be considered as unconstitutional. African Americans fought and protested for schools not to be segregated by race because they believed everyone should be able to participate and learn in school no matter what race they were.
In the Plessy vs. Ferguson case, the Supreme Court ruled a ''seperate but equal'' act which was removed during the Brown vs. Board of Education case in 1954. This case changed African Americans perspective because it gave them a chance to believe that they could have the same rights as whites over time. To conclude, after the Plessy vs. Ferguson case, it gave multiple rights to African Americans that made the United States a better place to live in.
Homer Plessy's Picture
African Americans integrating schools with whites.
How did the Plessy vs. Ferguson case affect African Americans?
By: Sacha Pamphile

What time period did it occur in?
During the Civil Rights Movement in 1896


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