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Leading to Revolution

No description

William Richardsom

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of Leading to Revolution

Events leading to the American Revolution New England Confederation- 1643
Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Haven, and Plymouth met to solve trade, boundary, and religious disputes and to form a common defense against the French, Dutch, and Indians.
They drew up articles of agreement and established a directorate of eight commissioners.
It was active in King Philip's War but dissolved in 1684 when the Massachusetts charter was revoked.
French and Indian War 1754-1763 British vs. French and Native Americans
British win but in huge debt
Changes relationship with the colonies Ben Franklin proposes the Albany Plan of Union-1754
Proposed a confederation of the English Colonies for defense
Failed because the colonies didn't want to give up any power to a confederation government George III becomes king of England- 1760 Stamp Act Passed- 1765 taxed all paper products - legal documents, business records, even playing cards - and specified that taxes be paid in "hard money." Stamp Act Congress - 10/1765 delegates from 9 Colonies meet in NY to respond to the Stamp Act
Send a petition to the King
Stamp Act repealed
Boston Massacre 3/5/1770
Mob of colonists fired upon by British troops
Three civilians were killed at the scene of the shooting, eleven were injured, and two died after the incident
one of most important events that turned colonial sentiment against King George III and British acts and taxes. Boston Tea Party 12/16/1773
colonists dress like Indians and dump 10,000 lbs of tea in Boston Harbor
Protesting a tax on tea
worth $1Million Intolerable Acts Enacted 1774
designed to punish the Mass. because of the tea party
shut down ports
suspended Mass. Assembly
Quartered troops in private homes

1st Continental Congress Met 9/5/1774
delegates from 12 of 13 colonies met in response to the Intolerable Acts
boycott of British goods
published a list of rights and grievances
Olive Branch Petition to King George Battles of Lexington and Concord 4/19/1775
British troops sent from Boston to seize weapons and powder of the Mass. Militia
Met by the militia and defeated
"The shots heard round the world"
2nd Continental Congress Met 5/10/1775
Delegates from all 13 colonies met in Philly
Created the Continental Army
Directed the war effort
Declared Independence from Britain

The Declaration of Independnece- July 4, 1776 What were the causes of the American Revolution?

What are some of the major events that led to war with England

How might our life be different today had the Revolutionary War not been fought?
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