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Vicious Volleyball

No description

lis lab3

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Vicious Volleyball

Vicious Volleyball
To play the sport volleyball you need; shoes, knee pads, athletic shorts, a scoring board, a net, and a volleyball

Volleyball started in 1895 at the
YMCA gymnasium in Massachusetts.
You play volleyball on
sand or on a hardtop
The goal of volleyball is to
try to ground the ball on the
other teams side of the court
while preventing them from
grounding the ball on your side
People mostly play
this sport in Canada
Volleyball took some of
its characteristics from
tennis and handball
n 1917 the game was
changed from 21 to 15
Most volleyball players jump about
300 times a match
The first special designed ball
for the sport was created in 1900
Volleyball vocab:
ace, bump, block,
and double hit.
Done! :)
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