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Sonic BOOM!

No description


on 3 May 2016

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Transcript of Sonic BOOM!

Sonic BOOM! by Hanna huszar
What was that!!!
What was that big,noisy sound last night you may
might ask.Well it wasn't a bom and it sertanly wasn't
an alian spaceship(trust me I heard some people
say that).
Ok let's get real.
Many people looked out of their windows last night
because of a loud sound and that sound which appeared to be a sonic boom caused by two Typhoon jets.
why were the jets out?
The jets were out because a plain called Air france(which as you can tell was from france) was heading to
new castle when they lost conection to them.
The jets had to guide the plain safely to new castel
(No one got hert thankfully)
The jets were
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