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Copy of Romeo and Juliet Plot Line

No description

Ciara Aquino

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Romeo and Juliet Plot Line

By: Ciara Aquino Romeo and Juliet
Plot Line Setting Place:
Verona, Italy

Sunday - Thursday Characters Protagonists:
Juliet Exposition A brawl in Verona begins between servants of opposing families; the Capulet family and the Montague family. During the brawl the Prince of Verona makes an appearance. He announces to the people that the person who starts the next fight in Verona will be put to death. Rising Action 1 [Sunday] Rising Action 2 [Sunday] Rising Action 3 Climax 1 [Monday] Antagonists:
Montagues [Sunday] Worried about their son Romeo, the Montagues go out to look for him. They find him depressed as usual over his unrequited love for Rosaline. Romeo's cousin, Benvolio, tries to get him to forget about her by saying that there are other women out there to love. Meanwhile, County Paris and Lord Capulet have a discussion about his courtship with the young Juliet. Lord Capulet is reluctant to marry her at so young but decides to throw a party so that they can meet. If Paris still wants Juliet, then he will allow them to be married in two years. While on a stroll in the streets, Romeo and Benvolio find out about the Capulets party. Persuaded by Benvolio and the chance of meeting Rosaline, Romeo decides to go to the party. Before the party, Lady Capulet and Nurse try to persuade Juliet into accepting Paris' courtship. Later, Romeo and Benvolio are accompanied by Mercuitio and others on the way to the party. Romeo tells them that he had a dream that something bad will happen in the near future. Mercutio says that his dream was fake and inquires that Queen Mab had visited him. Nevertheless, they all enter the party. As the party is just beginning, Romeo catches sight of Juliet. As he is complimenting her beauty, Tybalt is enraged that a Montague has come to spite them by joining the party. Before he can engage a fight with Romeo, Lord Capulet stops him and demands that Tybalt endure Romeo's presence. Romeo and Juliet meet face to face. They have a flirty conversation with each other, enjoying each other company. Before the end of the party they share two kisses. When Juliet goes to see her mother, Romeo finds out from the Nurse that Juliet is a Capulet. Likewise, Juliet is told by the Nurse that Romeo is a Montague. Soon after, Romeo takes his leave with Benvolio and friends. Managing to escape his friends, Romeo goes to Juliet's balcony. There, he and Juliet confess their love for each other. Worried for their love because their families are enemies, they decide to get married. They leave each other for the night while Romeo thinks of a way to get them married. [Monday] In the early morning, Romeo visits the Friar Lawrence and asks him to marry him and Juliet. The Friar is upset that Romeo can so easily forget about his love for Rosaline, but is happy nonetheless. He believes that by marrying them, the scorn between the two families will be replaced with love. Later, Mercutio and Benvolio talk about Tybalt and Romeo. Mercutio knows that Romeo will not be able to accept Tybalt's request to battle in the current lovesick state that he is in now. When Romeo appears, Mercutio teases him about how he has been acting so far. While this happens, the Nurse has come to see Romeo to discuss the marriage between him and Juliet. He tells her that Juliet must somehow visit the Friar this afternoon so that they can be married in secret. The Nurse leaves to tell Juliet the plan. After the Nurse tells Juliet the plan, she quickly runs off to see the Friar. When she gets there, Romeo is already present. Friar Lawrence is quick to begin the secret ceremony and just like that, Romeo and Juliet are married. Meanwhile, Mercutio and Benvolio have an encounter with Tybalt and his group. Tybalt asks if Mercutio is friends with Romeo, but he refuses to move from his spot thinking that Tybalt wants to fight him. Romeo appears and Tybalt immediately engages to fight him, but Romeo refuses to. Mercutio becomes mad and decides to replace Romeo in the fight. In the fight, Mercutio gets wounded and dies while Tybalt walks away. Blinded by the rage of knowing Tybalt has run off while his friend is dead, Romeo goes after him. The fight ends with Tybalt's death. As Romeo flees to the Friar's cell after slaying Tybalt, a meeting is held by the Prince to decide Romeo's punishment. Having his kinsman killed and Mercutio's killer slain by Romeo, the Prince decides that Romeo will be banished from Verona. If Romeo is ever seen in Verona again, he will be executed. At the Friar's cell, Romeo finds out that he has been banished and decides that it is far worst than being executed because he will be alive with the addition of not being able to see Juliet. As the Friar scolds Romeo for thinking this way, the Nurse arrives. The Nurse tells Romeo that Juliet is sad over both Tybalt and Romeo while she gives him Juliet's ring. She tells Romeo to hurry to Juliet so that he can consummate their marriage. As he goes, the Friar tells Romeo to flee to
Mantua after he is finished with Juliet. The Nurse tells Juliet that Tybalt is dead and that his killer, Romeo, is banished. Juliet is sad that her cousin is dead but she has more grief over the fact that Romeo was banished. As the Nurse goes to find Romeo, Juliet gives her a ring to give to Romeo. Romeo says he will follow that plan. Climax 2 [Monday] As the Capulets and Paris grieve over Tybalt's death, Paris says that he will bot be able to woo Juliet in such sad times. He asks that in order for Juliet to be happy again, they must be married on Wednesday. Lord Capulet says that Wednesday is too soon, so they decided the wedding will be on Thursday. [Tuesday] As morning comes, the Nurse warns Juliet that her mother is coming. Juliet and Romeo quickly kiss and say their goodbyes as Romeo leaves to Mantua. Lady Capulet comes in the room saying that she has good news. She tells Juliet that she will be married to Paris on Thursday and that she should be happy now. Juliet is unhappy to hear this and tells Lord and Lady Capulet this. They become mad at Juliet and Lord Capulet says that if she will not marry Paris, then Juliet is no daughter of his. As they leave, Juliet asks the Nurse to comfort her, but all she does is say that it would be better if Juliet married Paris. Juliet is mad to here this from the Nurse. She goes to Friar Lawrence to make a confession. Falling Action 1 [Tuesday] As Friar Lawrence and Paris have a conversation about his marriage with Juliet on Thursday, Juliet arrives. Thinking that Juliet has come to confess to the Friar, Paris takes his leave. The moment Paris is gone she asks Friar Lawrence for his help. If he cannot get her out of the marriage, she says that she will kill herself. The Friar tells Juliet that in order to stop the wedding, Juliet must pretend that she has died. They create a plan where Juliet drinks a potion that will make it look like she has died that lasts for 42 hours. During this time she will be placed in the Capulet tomb and Friar will send a letter to Romeo to get Juliet from in the tomb.Juliet will have to wait for Romeo and himself to get her so that they can flee together to Mantua. After agreeing with the plan, Juliet quickly grabs the vile with the potion in it from Friar Lawrence and leaves for home. Falling Action 2 [Tuesday] When Juliet gets home she asks for her parents forgiveness and says that she has seen the wrongs that she has done. They forgive her and send her to bed. Lord Capulet is ecstatic and decides to take on the role of a housewife and prepares the wedding himself, rescheduling it to Wednesday. When Juliet goes to her room she tells the Nurse to leave her. Once the Nurse is gone she takes out the vile, but worries it will not work. As a precaution she leaves a knife down beside her and drinks the vile for her Romeo. Falling Action 3 [Wednesday] The morning of the wedding, Lord Capulet sends Nurse to wake up Juliet. Filled with excitement, Nurse hurries to Juliet. She finds her Mistress dead in the curtains and immediately yells for help, her happiness going down the drain. As the Capulets and Paris lament over her death, they decide to change the wedding into a funeral for Juliet. Over in Mantua, Balthasar goes to Romeo with news of Juliet's death. After finding out that his Juliet is dead, Romeo goes to the poor Apothecary and buys a poison so that he may drink it to die and be with Juliet. Later that day, Friar John, the person that Friar Lawrence sent to give Romeo his letter containing the plan, gives Friar Lawrence his letter back. He told Friar Lawrence that because of the plague he wasn't able to go to Mantua to give the letter to Romeo. As he leaves, Friar Lawrence decides that he will go and get Juliet. He will hide her until Romeo can get her. Resolution [Thursday] [Thursday] That evening by the Capulet tomb, Paris and Romeo fought with their rapiers. At the end, Paris is slain and Romeo finds out that he was going to marry Juliet, so he places Paris in the Capulet tomb. When Romeo finally sees Juliet's dead body, he marvels at her beauty even as she is "dead". He kisses her and talks of her beauty and then takes out the vile of poison and drinks it. Romeo is dead. Moments later, Friar Lawrence appears and goes into the vault to find Romeo's dead body. As he marvels at this unkind event Juliet wakes up. As she finds the Friar and a dead Romeo she refuses to go with the Friar. When the Friar runs away, Juliet kisses Romeo and quickly kills herself with a dagger. As the Capulets, Montagues, and the Prince meet up at the vault, they find the dead bodies of Romeo, Juliet, and Paris. Friar Lawrence decides to tell them the story of Romeo and Juliet and says that it was he who married them and created the plan of Juliet's fake death. As the Prince mourns their deaths, he punishes the feuding families. The Capulets and Montagues have forgiven each other and end their feud for their children's sacrifices.
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