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Tony Yang

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Future

Technology has past by a lot. For example, Windows started out with MSDOS 1982–1985: Introducing Windows 1.0 ,1987–1992: Windows 2.0–2.11—More windows, more speed,1990–1994: Windows 3.0–Windows NT—Getting the graphics,Windows NT,1995–2001: Windows 95—the PC comes of age (and don't forget the Internet),1998–2000: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me,2001–2005: Windows XP—Stable, usable, and fast,2006–2008: Windows Vista—Smart on security,2009: Windows 7,2012: Windows 8. Apple has made 5 iPhones, multiple iPods, many computers, and iPads. Obviously, technology is whizzing by us. The Future
By Zac and Tony Economy

Do you think the Economy is doing a good job right now? Imagine it in 2040. It will be much worse than it is presently. Flight agencies will receive less because everyone will have flying cars instead of using aircraft. Gas stations will all be extinct because cars will be using electricity with no motors. Obviously, economy is getting very bad. Technology Transportation
Transportation has been taking us places since the human race started. First, we walked. Soon, we invented the wheeled cart and the boat. Then, we domesticated horses. Next, we made the first submarine and the steamboat. After that, we invented the horse and buggy. Currently, we use airplanes, cars, boats, and more! Soon, we will invent or use daily; hoverboards, time machines, portals, flying cars, jetpacks, airplanes that can go into space, cars, electric scooters, and more! Although this sounds great, it could be a real threat to the economy. Cities
In the future, cities are going to be HUGE. They will have a lot of buildings and bustling streets, only the streets will be in the air. People will take care of the Earth and it will be very clean. Deliveries of anything will come to you almost instantly
and there will be many shops, only you can walk around them on your phone. And, the jails will be on other planets so criminals can't escape. Obviously, cities and places in the future will be better than in present times. Communication
Communication has been part of our lifestyle for millions of years. Big achievements in communication:
1. People start talking in prehistoric times. 2. Alexander Graham Bell invents the phone in the 1970s. 3. The first cell phone is invented in 1976. 4. The iPhone is released in 2007. 5. The iPhone 68 is released in 2108 and it has all the features of modern society. (Stores, bathrooms, chairs, beds, and more!) FUTURE RESIDENCE Future Residences
In the future, houses will be huge. They will have at least 10 bedrooms, and the beds will be floating in midair. There will be lots of machines in it working instead. You will never have to clean you room, and you will never have to do chores. Just wait and see what household appliances that the future will bring! FUTURE
Video Games Imagine the video games we will have in 2030. Will they advance or stay the same? The imagery will fasten to be over HD and they will be to expensive. The video game system would run on a no charging eternal life battery. They will be 3D and they will be very fun, and everyone will like to play them. Future Activities Will people still do the same things we do today? Robots will probably help people instead of doing it yourself. Will it help or hurt the future? They could transport us places with no fee. Television The advance in television has been big. From a classic TV, HDTV and now 3d TV. What is next? The 4DTV or TV Watch, or even a portable 8Dtv flatscreen! Classic TV HDTV 3D TV Evolution of TVs 4D TV Trains The advance technology brought us from steam trains to High speed Trains. There is a whole evolution of this. Steam Engine TV Watch Motor Train Subway High Speed Train Future Train Future Classrooms Imagine the classrooms in the 1900s: old dusty chalkboards. But, now we have smartboards. Will there be robots as the teacher or a screen? New Inventions There will be new tech which advance stuff. The advance will effect all things in the whole world. Everything will be new and different. Car Computer Airplanes Phone Future Inventions Bike Past To Future As you can see, there are many changes from the past to the future. Time pasts by really quick making new inventions. The future will come every second until this wold is finished The Future
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