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Presentation BEST & BEST Madrid UPM (EN)

Presentation of all activities that BEST provides to students and all activities BEST Madrid UPM organises. 15 min aprox

Pedro GC

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Presentation BEST & BEST Madrid UPM (EN)

www.BESTmadrid.org contacta@BESTmadrid.org facebook.com/BESTmadridUPM @BESTmadridUPM Non-profit and non-political organisation Constantly growing: 33 countries and 95 universities 25 years providing communication, co-operation and exchange possibilities for students all over Europe In each one of these 95 universities there is a "LBG" Local BEST Group MISSIONS OF BEST (II) BEST helps students to achieve an international mindset, to reach a better understanding of cultures and societies and to develop the capacity to work in culturally diverse environments.

BEST creates opportunities for personal development of students and supports them in reaching their full potential. We manage to bring all the partners in the "student - company - university" triangle closer MISSIONS OF BEST (I) FUN to encourage
IMPROVEMENT BEST Career Support BEST Career Day Job Fairs Workshops BEST Courses EBEC Events of Education BEST Courses EBEC BEST Career Support Biggest Engineering Competition in Europe
3 rounds: Local, National/Regional, Final.

2 modalities:
Case Study: Students deal with a theoretical problem in the field of technology or management.
Team Design: Students construct a device, within a given time, from provided materials, in order to achieve a predefined action. Online service of BEST that connects internationally-minded students and engineers with companies

BEST Career Support gives you a chance to browse through offers from companies and universities and also promote yourself to these companies by entering your CV

Career Support Partners: Technology Course given in an european university
One or two weeks in an european city
Chance to obtain 1 ECTS credit
For 30€
Social-Cultural Activities
Unique opportunity to live a BEST experience
4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter
Being student of our university (UPM)
Write a Motivation Letter BEST Career Day Organised at begining of the General Assembly of BEST with hundreds of students of all Europe
Companies select participants through BEST Career Support CV
Last edition: April, the 19th, in Valladolid (Spain) www.BEST.eu.org/courses www.ebec.BEST.eu.org www.BEST.eu.org/career What do I get joining BEST?
You can be a co-organiser of another Local BEST Group's event. Learning and adapting to different ways of working while making friends around Europe
You can go to a Regional Meeting, meet another "besties" of your region and assist to workshops given by international BEST trainers.
You can assist to leadership, marketing, trade with companies, human resources workshops
And much more! Founded in 1996 BEST Madrid (UPM) Student association inter-centre Since its creation:
1271 UPM students have gone to a BEST event abroad
528 european studens have come to one of our BEST events Events organised by
BEST Madrid UPM EBEC Madrid BEST Course Forum BEST Madrid ATHENS We organise a local round of the competition, the EBEC Madrid.
Winners can continue competing to the national round, the EBEC Spain in order to go the international round. Last EBEC Madrid competitions: www.EBEC.BESTmadrid.org External Events It's like an Erasmus organised by Technical University of Madrid (UPM) and universities of all Europe
Contains a socio-cultural part, provided by BEST Madrid UPM
Twice a year: March and November ¡300 students in each one!
City Rallies, Museums, Day Trip, Nightwalk, and more 300 students!! :@ There were another 4 groups like this that day in Madrid ;-) Our members 35 students from different UPM Engineering Schools
We make meeetings every week in order to organise our next events
We work hard, but we have fun even more ;-) Events on Education Students take part in discussions and have the opportunity to express own ideas on educational matters.
The outcome is given to the European Commission, where BEST, through it's Educational Committee (EduCo) is involved. Internal Events Only Job Forum in Technical University of Madrid for ALL students
Composed by Job Fair, Workshops, Talks.
Students can get 1 ECTS credit for assisting to pre-Forum activities.

2nd Edition:
8 of May. ETSI Agrónomos (Ciudad Universitaria Campus)
14 Companies www.forumBESTmadrid.org facebook.com/forumBESTmadrid
Group: Forum BEST Madrid Second BEST Course most applied in all BEST
400 Motivation Letters we have to read and evaluate!
Event of 10 days, weekend trip included! Leadership workshop Sustainability on Education Robotics Competition applied to Agriculture Last courses thematic: Socio-Cultural part included: City Rally International Evening Museums TV 3D 4-6 places for UPM local participants in order to recruit Motivation Weekend Regional Meeting WEST Twice a year we decide to meet during a weekend in order to motivate and recover energy for the next semester.

We made a small General Assembly and decide which strategy and targets must the association have during the following months. BEST Madrid belongs to WEST region, composed by local groups of Valladolid, Valencia, ENSAM, Ecole Centrale, Aveiro, Coimbra and Porto.

Two meetings per year, changing the place where it's done.

There are several workshops about marketing, feedback, time management by international BEST trainers. Regional evening Trainings BEST Madrid organised WEST RM in october 2012 www.BEST.eu.org vivaldi@BESTmadrid.org What can I learn inside BEST Madrid? In addition of having fun and getting BEST SPIRIT:

To work in a team
To know how to act in a group meeting and share your ideas
To became a leisure monitor...for foreigners!
To learn how to organise a 10 days event for 30 people with a certain budget Fund Raising Public Relations IT Grants To planify a Job Fair
To contact with companies and get a sponsorship or collaboration
To make a contact with the HR responsable of that company you want to work ;-) To design and promote BEST Madrid UPM image to students To create web pages of each event.
New goals:
New Website
Own intranet
Mobile apps To get grants from University, Administration and Youth in Action. To get skills inside our Working Groups: BEST Symposium on Education BEST Academics and Companies Forum where students, academics and representatives from companies meet and discuss topics related to education Inside the organisation there are much more possibilities to travel, meet people and obtain very useful skills! 2012-2013: EBEC Madrid Team Design winner, also won at EBEC Spain and will compete this August in the last round, in Warsaw (Polland) 2011-2012: EBEC Madrid Case Study winner also won the EBEC Spain and got a second position in the international round, in Zagreb (Croatia) Weekend Trip Designers Press Photography Social Media Promotion Several activities inside PR:
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