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Lesson 7 Study Guide

No description

Library Media

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Lesson 7 Study Guide

Lesson 7 Vocab.
By: Lillie Babble-When you babble you say words that cannot be understood. Synonyms- pronunciate, articulate goo gaga This
baby is
because he
know how
to talk. Suspicous -If you think someone cannot be trusted, you are suspicous of him or her. This orange man
is suspicous of who
ever took his brownie. synonyms-sneaky, curious Accompany- When you
accompany someone you go someplace with him or her. Prince William
accompanies Princess
Kate to the castle. Synonyms-attend, escort Competent- If you are Competent, you are good at what you are doing. This cheerleader
is competent in
back flips. synonyms- capable, qualified Scent- A scent is what something
smells like. This dog is
sniffing out the scent
of his owner. Synonyms- smell, aroma Wanders-A person who wanders travels without planning. These people wander off and they
get lost. synonyms-stray, roam Whined-When something gave a long high cry it whined. This baby is whining because he wants to eat. synonyms- fussing, crying Obey- If you obey you do what you are told. This mother is trying to get her child to obey her. synonyms- assent, agree Demonstrate- If you demonstrate something you show how it works or how it's done. This
teacher is demonstrating how to use the rope
in the lady's routine. synonyms- show, exhibit Patrol- When people patrol an area they go through it with a purpose of guarding
it. This police man is on safety patrol and he's telling the children to wait. Synonyms- protection,
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