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Intro to Art Class

first day of class

Katie Vanhoff

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of Intro to Art Class

with Mrs. V
Welcome to ART!
SEATING & The Classroom
*Assigned until the end of the quarter unless I move you
When You Walk in the Door
* Sit in assigned seat or you will be marked absent.
* Read agenda on board for your grade level for any important announcements
* Read your responsibilities if you need to get any materials for your table
* Please save all questions for AFTER I address the whole class. A lot of times I will answer your questions in my explanation for the day.
*Each of you is required to have a visual journal for this class.
*This will be used to practice drawing, write down ideas, and capture things that inspire you.
* The journal does not need to be anything fancy...it can be as simple as computer paper in a brad folder.
*A variety of affordable sketchbooks are available at your local WalMart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Target.

-Daily Warm-up Sketches will go in the sketchbook and will be checked off for a grade
-Notes and handouts will be kept in sketchbook
- It's an EASY grade! All you need to do is complete it and keep up with it

****HINT HINT***There may be an open journal quiz at some point in the quarter so be sure you keep track of EVERYTHING!
*Stay seated. If you need something, please raise your hand. I will get to you as soon as I can. There are about 30 of you and only 1 of me, so please be patient.

*AREAS OFF LIMITS: Kiln room, my desk, storage closet, and paper cutter. Ask if you need access to any of these areas and I can assist you.
In my studio..
Some of my own artwork..
What to Expect:
In this classroom you will:

*Know your expectations
*Focus and be productive
*Use your creative problem solving skills
Act Appropriately
Try!...And you can!
* Treat others how you wish to be treated.
*Respect each other's feelings, opinions, space, materials, and artwork
*Respect all materials. Great materials= great artwork!
*ALWAYS put your best effort in your artwork
* Use your time wisely
* If you don't know how to do something, ask for help or advice from your peers or from me!
*Keep an OPEN MIND...
What to look forward to...
Past student work
Here you will find the syllabus
and other important information
Getting to know you!
Please answer the following questions with complete sentences about yourself and turn in to the front table when you are done
1. Do you consider yourself a good artist?
2.What is your favorite type of art to create? (ex: sculpture, paint, draw, printmaking, ect...)
3. What subject would you prefer drawing/painting? (For example: people, animals, architecture, abstract shapes, landscapes, ect...)
4. What is one word you would use to describe a good teacher?
5. What do you feel is one of your weaknesses with art? WHY?
6. Follow the steps to draw this picture below on your best. TRY YOUR BEST! I want to see your prior drawing skills :)
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