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Psychological Research Methods

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Mrs Scott

on 17 September 2018

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Transcript of Psychological Research Methods

Psychological Research Methods
Psychology, Behavioralism,Operant Conditioning, Psychoanalysis
Research Methods
The Scientific Method!!
Psychological Approach to the Scientific Method
1. Question
2. Hypothesis
3. Design (Experiment)
4. Analysis
5. Conclusion/Publication
Do violent video games cause students to be violent?
Go through each step of the scientific method. Come up with an experiment you could use, and what results you think you would get
Research method: Survey
Survey= Series of questions about a certain subject

Examples: Politics, Schools, Societal Issues
Choosing who to give the survey to:

-Random Sample (choose randomly)
-Stratified Sample (match the population)
Stratified Sample Example:
Important to have unBIASED sample group before you give a survey
Naturalistic Observation
Case Studies
an in-depth investigation of an individual or a small group
researchers may observe them, interview others about them, or research their personal histories

Naturalistic Observation
subject is observed in natural environment without manipulation
Famous Case Studies
Correlation Study.
a mutual
relationship or connection
between two or more things
a type of study in which two (or more) variables are measured and compared in a large group of individuals.
Is there a relation between the age of people and the amount of health issues they have?
Is there a relation between suicide bombers and psychological disorders?
How do we conduct a correlation study?
Use data taken from
a survey
plot it on a chart.
Let's create some correlation charts on the board together
Technically you would answer these questions in
a survey or case study interview
, but for today we will just have you answer publicly if you feel comfortable
Is there a correlation between shoe size and height?
If shoe size increases as height increases. This is known as a
positive correlation
If shoe size decreases as height increases this is known as a
negative correlation.
If there is
no correlation
between shoe size and height...
Negative Correlation
No corellation: GPA and height
**Remember a correlation shows a RELATION not a cause/effect**
Shoe Size

Both Increase
There is a
Positive Correlation

As shoe size

Height also

Example of
Negative Correlation
When two variables are OPPOSITE.

As one

the other

Hours of video game playing
There is a correlation between having higher grades and playing less video games
For example:

In the summer ice cream sales increase.

In the summer # of drownings also increase
Buying more ice cream does not CAUSE drownings
The Correlation
(the relation) of

more ice cream
and more drownings

Is that it is

Correlation Study
(ice cream and drownings relate because of summer)

it does not show CAUSE/EFFECT
(ice cream does not effect drownings)
Correlation studies in the news?
1: What is something new you learned about psychology?

2: What were the different research methods they used in the documentary?

3: Did anything in the movie change your perspective on human behavior or on suicide bombers?

4: Can you think of other examples where people join a group to feel like they are part of a family?

5: What were the conclusions of the research in this video?

6: From this research, what would be a method to stop suicide bombers from doing this again?

7: How was this documentary an example of a case study?
8: Why do people become suicide bombers?
Gather Data from your classmates and plot to find a correlation...




Case studies, Surveys, Naturalistic Observations

Observe/record behavior

Correlation studies

Test different hypothesis in a lab setting with an assigned control group

to explore CAUSE and EFFECT
In experimental studies, often
arise like
Take the first 15 minutes of class to log on and to finalize your survey.

-Print (or email me if not working) 1. A copy of the finalizd survey
2. A paper with your names, topic question and hypothesis
Good Morning

Warm UP:Can you name the types of Research Studies we have talked about?
Discussion Movie Questions
-Respond TWICE for full credit
-Must be an honest and intelligent answer
Question One:

How does the idea of colorism "judging others based on the lightness/darkness of skin" affect human psychology (behavior/mental processes)?
Question Two:

Where did the film say the idea of colorism originated from?

Is it learned (nature or nurture)?
Question Three:

According to the film, how do families sometimes help/hinder this phenomenon?
Question Four:

How does the media affect our behavior and ideas about other people, especially in relation to colorism?
Question Six:

How can we work to stop these prejudices both as individuals and as a society?
Question Five:

Do you agree with the film and it's beliefs of colorism? Do you think this is an issue at Hammond?
Please get out your correlation study from yesterday!

Please respond to the last two questions. You will share your results then turn in your paper!
Try to define the 4 types of research methods we have learned about!
Now we will go back and review!

Then we have one more method to briefly discuss.
Create Your Own Survey
- 10 Questions
- Responses must be numerical (scale 1-10, height, GPA).
-Will be graphing 2 of the responses
-Create tomorrow in the back media lab
-Print one- I will make 30 copies for you to pass out

-How much you enjoy high school (1-10) and how many extracurricular activities you are involved in.
-Other 8 questions are to help clarify your two main questions
Types of Studies

Descriptive- is observed, but doesn't prove cause and effect

Experimental- have a control group and an experimental group
-proves cause and effect
-can also observe behavior!
Naturalistic Observation
Correlational Studies
Case Studies
Good Morning!
Warm Up: Why is it important to approach psychology in a scientific way?
Good Morning!
Warm UP: Can you recall the 5 steps of the scientific method?
The Scientific Method
1. Question
2. Hypothesis
3. Design (Experiment)
4. Analysis
5. Conclusion/Publication
We have looked at
Today we will be looking at a type of research sometimes used in experiments in which a psychologist
a person/animal in it's
natural environment

This is known as...
How do people react when morally challenged?

For each of the following videos I would like you to answer the question "What would you have done?"
Please get a blank sheet of paper and do the following for each video...
Video One: Homeless Man Harrassed

Video Two: Helping a veteran in need

Video Three: Girls Bullying A Friend
Good Morning!!
Warm Up: What is naturalistic observation?

Practicing Naturalistic Observation
Please respond to the questions on your sheet as you observe two men trying to survive in the wild!
Good Morning!

Have your papers out! Today we will finish our naturalistic observation of Bear and Marshawn!
Homework: Due Monday
Perform a Naturalistic Observation
You may work with a partner or alone
You need photo or video proof of your observation
1. Write a hypothesis
2. Write out the steps of your experiment
3. Perform experiment, observe behaviors
4. Write conclusions about behaviors
5. Share with the class Monday!
Good Morning!
Today we will be sharing our experiments using Naturalistic Observation.

Please share your photo or video with me on google docs!
Before we move on here are two other famous experiments that we will return to later in the year.
Now that you have read about your case study, go around the room and find the other case studies!

You are going to learn about some FASCINATING people!! :)
Try it out on your own!
cause and effect.
Naturalistic observation does not show cause and effect, so how is it useful to researchers?
Warm Up:
Good Morning!
THE STORY OF H.M.: Cognitive Psychology
Kitty Genovese: Social Psychology
Kim Peek: Intelligence
1. How did this case study change the field of Cognitive Psychology? What was learned?
2. How did this study change the field of Social Psychology? What was learned?
3. How did Kim Peek challenge most Psychologist's definition of intelligence?
What dangerous things can happen when we do not take a scientific approach?
Case Studies
Read about your case study with your group and respond to the questions (at most 20 minutes)
Once everyone is finished interview the other groups to explore other famous case studies! :)
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