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Fencs Partners In Production

A corporate presentation about Fencs.

Pascal van Steen

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Fencs Partners In Production

ROMANIA Cluj-Napoca For and with our customers we combine the strength of the cultures in the world to realise the best quality for the lowest possible total cost. •More then 20 years management experience in large production firms like Daf trucks, Stork and CSi
•Excellent know how of industrial processes
•Focus on achieving goals
•Know how and 10 years of experience working with Romanian citizens (culture and market)
•Knows how to translate customers need into built to suit solutions •Experienced calculation department
•Good, flexible, Production planning team
•Excellent Production management
•Quality control •High efficiency
•Realise quality
•Lowest possible cost
•Quick response Engineering
Glass bead blasting
Mechanical assembly
Electrical assembly Stainless steel material handling:
Plates and profiles; 1-12 mm,
component production; laser cutting/bending
Welding assembly
Glass bead blasting
Cabinet building TYPICAL CUSTOMERS Thank you for your attention. CONTACT
Fencs BV
Ramgatseweg 11F
4941 VN Raamsdonksveer
The Netherlands
Telephone +31 162 515989
info@fencs.eu FENCS SET UP ROMANIA CUSTOMERS Spanish producer of packaging machines
Producer of stainless steel handling equipment in Holland
Fencs look-alike in carbonsteel in Austria
Producer of vacuumequipment in Holland
Fencs look-alike in stainless steel in Romania, only laser and blasting
Producer of machines for the graphical industry in Holland
Producer of 3-D printers in Holland
Producer of stainless steel industrial fences in Holland CUSTOMERS MIDDLE MANAGEMENT ROMANIA SIZE OF THE OPERATION *Numbers to be adjusted due to forecasted turnover •More then 14 years management experience in audit firm KPMG as a charted auditor
•Excellent analytical skills/financial engineer
•Experience in project financing and corporate financing through entire Europe (Italy-Germany-Hungary-Poland etc.)
•Know how and 15 years of experience in setting up financial international departments and control
•Open mind to create optimal –financial- solutions with partners (customers-suppliers)
•Focus on cash flow •Professor at the university Babes Bolyai of Cluj Napoca since 2003
•Excellent analytical and management skills
•Very wide developed network
•Consultant for Schuler Romania 2006-Febr 2012
•Experience in production firms
•Focus on managing the Factory in Cluj Napoca PARTNERS IN PRODUCTION Piet Otten, owner of AV Flexologic, shareholder
Ton Stikkers owner of Stikkers Industrie Montage, shareholder
Harm de Langen co-owner of LAN International Handling Systems, shareholder/supervisor
David De Vet international banker, shareholder and supervisor
Ben Otten owner of Machinefabriek Otten shareholder
Ton van Riet, real estate investor, shareholder Dutch Management team/shareholders •Experience at a large production firm in the Netherlands
•Excellent social skills (HR)
•Responsible for communication, PR and marketing
•Focus on monitoring cash flow-receivables
•Responsible for account management •Experience at a large production firm in the Netherlands
•Excellent analytical and financial skills
•Responsible for cost control and order calculation
•Excellent technical skills MACHINERY 5 KW flatbed laser 1500 x 3000 5 KW flatbed laser 1500 x 3000 Amada pressbrake, 170 ton 3 meter Kees de Veth (1956) CEO Perry van Bekhoven (1963) CFO Ionut Luca (1980) Nanny van Strien (1960) Gustaaf Kriellaars (1958) Industrial machines for printing industry;
Stainless steel plates of 1,5 mm; delicate to handle;
Assembly mechanical;
Assembly electrical, including cabinet;
Testing PRODUCTS Assembly and Production of 3-D printers;
Laser cutting aluminum 2,5 and 4 mm
Subcontracting turning and milling
Purchasing assembly parts
World wide shipment THE NETHERLANDS FENCS SET UP •Management customer relations
•Process design
•Quality Assurance
Largest university in Romania; Good labour potential
Well organised international business community
Good road connections to the west (projected highway)
Sufficient high quality suppliers of raw material and assembly parts
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