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Lauren Frey

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of Horses

Horses Horses Having, riding, and taking care of
a horse is, yes, difficult but a very
rewarding process. Taking care Taking care of a horse includes cleaning, bathing, cleaning stalls, and the Farrier. The Farrier is needed especially if you ride your horse. The Farrier is the man or woman who maintains the hooves. Horse Health The health of horses is very important,
especially their teeth. The health of the
teeth can almost exactly determine the
health of the body. If the teeth are bad,
they are most likely organ problems, like
kidney failure and other entrails
malfunctions. The health of the horse’s
hooves is very important. There is part
of a hoof that is almost like the fingernail
for a horse. The Farrier comes and files the
nail so it doesn’t get over grown. If a horses
nail gets long it can be hard to walk and run.
The Farrier also replaces and places the horse
shoes on the hooves of the horses. Cleaning a Stall To clean a horse stall is a lot of work as well. When you have everything cleaned out of the stall, bedding and all, you need to hose down the entire stall. Then, you wait for it to dry. When it is dry, you re-bed it and move the horse back into the stall. Different Types of Riding There are three types of horse back riding.
There is Western, English, and Cross country. Western Western ridding includes Barrel racing,
pole bending, sward racing, flag racing,
and bag racing. ENglish Now, English riding, there is pretty much only one main thing that you do, and that’s jumping. When you jump, you go from cross rails to flat rails, which is about one foot. Then, there’s one ft. eight inches and then two ft. six inches. Horses Safety Horse back riding is very difficult.
It is important to keep your hands
or hand that has the reins low and
make sure you keep you heels down
in the stirrups. “When you fall, it is
important to get back on and keep riding.”
(Sandy Dolan). If you fall, DO NOT put
your hands behind your back. This rule is
applied in almost every other sport because
if you put your hands behind your back
there is a large possibility of you breaking
your arm or arms. It is extremely dangerous.
It is highly recommended that when falling
backwards; try to roll back when you hit the
ground. The End The truth is there is much,
too much information on
horses for one prezi. Look
into this yourself if you'd like. Sources Sandy Dolan (Riding teacher and owner of Cedar Ridge Farms)
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