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Portfolio 2015

No description

Heather Lees

on 3 December 2017

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Transcript of Portfolio 2015

- A4 single page and double page spread for Accounting Technician Magazine
- fact sheet folder
- North East Scotland College
- five panel CIPD conference banner
Logo, photography and album art work for local band The Guitarantinos.
Wedding Invite
Wedding invites in the style of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. These were wrapped around bars of chocolate with the golden ticket (invite) wrapped inside.
Album launch poster for The Guitarantions
Poster design for MOGWAI
Sam & M.E
- Illustrations for an online Blog
A close friend of mine was diagnosed with M.E three years ago, and to help her get through it she started up a blog called Sam & M.E. It is a light hearted blog where Sam tells of her ups and downs with the illness, her reason for sharing this information is to let people with M.E know they are not alone and to give people who have friends or family who suffer from M.E information on how to help battle it.

To help get Sam’s witty personality across I have drawn and designed various graphics for Sam to post on her site to go along with her weekly blogs, creating the face of Sam & ME.

Sam would refer to her friends as famous celebs or describe how she was feeling but with out the blog they might look at bit out of place. There was also a 5 page comic that Sam thought would mix things up a little from the usual blog with one image, keeping her followers up to date on her last few months.


Hand Drawings
- cartoons
Tasmanian Devil
Wile E Coyote
- portraits
- comic/line drawing
Deborah Harry
Drawing is something I love to do in my spare time, or when I can to incorporate in to my designs, it is a good way of keeping my mind creative when having a break from the computer and is a great passion of mine. Recently I have been asked to draw a lot of comic Hero's for people which has been fun and good extra cash.
I am a Graphic Designer with a strong passion for design, illustration and photography.
I have put together a varied sample of my work which best demonstrates my skills in these areas, along with some digital and hand drawn Illustrations.

Created in:
Created in:
Created in:
Created in:
Created in:
Created in:
Created in:
Created in:
All Sam & M.E illustrations
were created in:
Created by:
- facebook cover photos & image posts
These are some of the images I have created for our social media pages. Some of these have been sourced vectors which I have then added to or re-drawn to create a feel of a season or a certain offer.
Social Media
ICS use icons in their new brand to give things a fresh and simple look and feel. Over the last two years I have drawn a catalog of icons we use daily, and some of which have been sourced and adapted. These are some of our hero panels for the website and images for email campaigns.
Some examples of a data capture form, email buttons and mobile phone icons.
Created in:
Online Student Community
Here are a few screen shots taken from a online student community, the backgrounds and pop up boxes were created for a series of content packages relating to distance learning and what a new tutor is expected to know when it comes to creating distance learning material or tutoring on an ICS distance learning course. I created the elements and the Learning Technologist created the learning packages.
Created in:
The product development team created ten personas that were displayed on the walls around our new office and were be used by all teams in the company when writing new courses, for marketing campaigns and for our sales team. I took the information and came up with the idea of using infographic maps to display each persons information, seeing the project through from concept to print. Here are just a few.
Created in:
Created in:
Created in:
Adverts & Promo Materials
Materials created for the Marketing team in my current role with Skills Development Scotland - A4 Foundation Apprenticeship Advert; Large Kappa Board to promote Learning Through Work Week; floor plan for Fraserburgh PACE event.
- North East Scotland College
Created in:
Double sided fact sheets for the NCFE courses which are used to promote the courses.
Outer cover and inside spread for a folder that holds the previous fact sheets, it also has a slot in the inside sleeve for a company business card.
The company often take part in education exhibitions where they source third parties such as Colleges and Universities to supply our courses to. Each exhibition is different therefore I designed large format display banners, business cards and brochures which are needed to explain who we are and what we have to offer which a team of Marketing and Sales members will then take down with them. This was one I created for the CIPD conference in London.
Hero panels recently created to be hosted on Learn Directs home page.
For the four images below the first is a still image of an interactive page and the second is a sample of one of the pop up images that appear when parts of the image are clicked on.
Note: to go to a specific topic without going through every page, click a heading with your mouse then use the arrow key on your keyboard to continue in to that topic.
Magazine Ads
ICS Educate
ICS Educate
Exhibition Banner
- outer art work
ICS Personas
- A year of Apprenticeship.scot & How SEO works (for SDS)
Online Infographics
- used on website and social media sites
Infographic for ICS social media sites, created in InDesign with hats drawn in Illustrator.
Created in:
Created in:
Social Media
- images for website, emails & mobile sites
Online Student Community
The content I created for the Learning technologist varied depending on what course he was working on and what parts he wanted to animate or bring to life. Below are two illustrations I drew for two of Newtons Laws, the foot was to show pressure in the sand and the pool table was animated with the cue being interactive hitting the different size balls at different forces.
Created in:
Our HR department decided to put the staff handbook online and make it interactive, the first part was the fire evacuation process. I decided to make it in to a comic strip and a little humorous to help engage people more effectively.
Created in:
Poster design for Dramatix drama classes
ICS Illustrations
This Christmas I took full advantage of the festivities and put my drawing skills to good use and created this Christmas card which was sent as an email to students and partners as well as printed to send out to our tutors and business partners.
The penguins seemed to go down well with the staff looking on at what I was doing on the lead up to Christmas so for our internal intranet I created this little sketch from Home Alone.
Created by:
Created by:
Created in:
Infographic - What kind of learner are you?
Logo design and gigging flyer for The Skinny Velvets.
(Photo retouching)
- North East Scotland College
Infographic Dashboard Packs
- Chairs Award for Excellence & logo; Graduate Employability Programme
SDS Certificates
Created in:
- Key campaigns promoted online
Social Media Images
These are just a few of the types of designs I have created for our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+.
- online platform created for the Scottish Apprenticeship Advisory Board
SAAB Extranet
I worked closely with Digital Services & External Comms on this piece of work designing the layout and creating graphical elements such as a logo, headers for each page, buttons and images as well as adding content using the systems back end.
Stakeholder Briefings
Template designed to be populated with information for 32 different local authorities, providing a snapshot of the work SDS have achieved over the last year.
Created in:
Plasma Screen Advert
This advert was designed to be displayed in local shopping centers to promote local SDS centers and the work they do.
Created in:
During my time at ICS I created a large volume of designs from Corporate & Marketing materials, student study materials, web emails and digital assets for ICS's social media pages and websites. I have added a selection of these through out my Portfolio.
Created in:
Created in:
Created in:
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