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'A Blow, A Kiss' by Tim Winton

Using different reading practices to develop interpretations

Kaye Davies

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of 'A Blow, A Kiss' by Tim Winton

A Blow, A Kiss
Despite their bad luck, Albie had enjoyed the night. Just the pipe smell of his father and the warmth of him in the truck's cab beside him was enough.
Abstract reading practice
Albie develops as a man
- starting : young, fearful and innocent boy.

Albie: He often prayed to his dad in his absence. God, he decided was just like his Dad, only bigger. It was easier to pray to him and hope god got the message.
Ablie's father hugged him and touched his cheeks with his finger.
Wilf Beacon: They bring yer back to me!
The riders head being dropped onto the metal tray vibrated through the whole track.
Again whump.The father beat his sons head against the tray.
Tilley lamp is symbolism of childishness.
ALBIE :Uses violence to solve a problematic situation.
Polysemic text.
Polysemic texts or ambiguous text means texts that have more than one possible meaning.
Albie was put in a situation which he thought he was going to run away from.
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