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Devotional Literature

Created for the S-TEP 2013-2014 Final Session

Shahzeb Jiwani

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Devotional Literature

Devotional Literature
Listening to Devotion
1. Is this a piece of devotional literature?

2. What do you think the author's pupose was in writing this piece of literature?

3. What emotions do you feel when you listen to this piece?
Experience Determines Perception
Ginan -
Aadam Aad Nirinjan

by Pir Hassan Kabirdin
Muslim Forms of Oral Devotional Literature
Key Messages
Since personal spiritual experiences are hard to describe, devotional literature can provide an outlet for expressing the feelings of the experience

Definition of Devotional Literature
"Devotional literature is a common feature of devotionalism in as much as devotees imagine and describe their contact with gods, ancestors, spirits, saints, and other holy persons in written form."
- Devotionalism and Devotional Literature, Michael Pasquir
Literary Forms
Characteristics of Devotional Literature
"It is most important that my spiritual children from wherever they may come should, through the ages and from generation to generation, hold to this Tradition [ginan] which is so special, so unique, and so important to my Jamat"
We have seen devotional literature vary in our traditions such as qasidas and ginans being different forms of literature based on their geographical and cultural differences
Devotional literature that allows personalization and self-expression, without a distinct cultural reference, will be able to transcend it's time.
Responding to Doubt
A youth has written a letter to ITREB USA that Hafiz Sir is now responsible for responding to. Read the letter provided and provide 2-3 points on how you would go about responding to this letter.
Each group will be given a character profile. Based on the profile answer the following:

1. Will this individual understand the meaning of this ginan if they heard it being recited in a prayer place?
2. What emotions will be invoked when this individual listens to this ginan?
3. How does the individual relate to a didar when listening to this ginan?
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