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seeta alshareef

word study

seeta alshareef

on 12 April 2014

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Transcript of seeta alshareef

메리 크리스마스!
twelve she bought a dozen eggs at the shop.
Mine (n):
1. A separate piece of writing in a newspaper or magazine.


make something possible for somebody.
a person who borrows something.
huge,very big
happily,the opposite of unfortunately.
being friends;the feeling between friends.
a hole which is dug in the ground to get minerals such as copper or gold.
Needy(n and adj)
poor we should all give alms to the needy.
not; changes the meaning of a word to the opppsite.
the average quantity of goods and services received or used by a person in a country.
the condition or situation of being something.
Standard of living (n)
Third World(n and adj)

all the developing countries of the world; all the non-industrial countries.
Seeta Alashareef
Nouf Alfantoukh
Bushra Alabdan
Wafa Alsuwalleh
Noura Alsulaimy
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