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Concrete and Shape Poems

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Shannon Twigger

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Concrete and Shape Poems

Watch This!
Concrete and Shape Poems
Shape Poetry
A shape poem takes on the shape of the poem.
Writing Your Poem
1. Think of a topic, theme, idea or emotion.
2. Draw a sketch or outline of a simple image that comes to your mind.
3. Write lines of poetry that can be used to form your image. These can vary in length.
4. Fill in or form your image with the words you wrote.
Let's Try One Together

Let's write a poem on apples.

Step #1: What do we know about apples?
Step #2: What image represents an apple?
Step #3: How can we fit the words to this image?
Learning Goals
Today I will learn:

The difference between a concrete and shape poem.

How to choose an appropriate image for my poem.
Success Criteria
I'll know I have learned this because:

I can identify a poem as either a concrete or shape poem.

I can create my own concrete or shape poem.
Concrete Poetry
Poetry that shows the poet's meaning through the visual arrangement of letters, words and images.
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