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Grundfootball - short investment presentation (elevator pitch)

Tamas Muller

on 7 September 2011

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Transcript of grundfootball_elevator_pitch

Grundfootball The first international leisure soccer social portal. Niche
50 footballer / 1,000 inhabitants.*
3,5 billion people enjoy soccer world wide
240 million registered players
300 000 soccer clubs** 5 500 players and fans, 24 cups in last two years, more than 1 000 played matches. Grundfootball is the leader Hungarian leisure football sport community What we are looking? NOT necessary any seed investors
BUT new players and fans :-) (you are!)
license partners in the new countries
new technology- and sport- partners who could help us to give some new solutions and to our customers Now we have... a good portal system
a good brand
a leader amateur soccer site position in Hungary
a professional, expert, sport friendly team,
a plan Contact details:

Tamas Müller
www.grundfootball.com The soccer is the most popular leisure sport …but nobody wanted to organize these people to a big mass-sport community until now… 350 active teams Value proposition: We build an active community for …
Sport business companies
Gambling companies
Tournament organisers
Soccer Field owners
Government, EU foundation and National associations
For online media owners Differentiation factor:
We concentrate one game type: the most popular football game
The gross of the people (leisure soccer sport without fix rules),
Easy to activate our users (play free or cheap matches),
Hard sport product and services buyers (want to be seen to professional) Our vision:
In 2012 – CEE region leader position
In 2013 – EU leader position
In 2014 - leader position in 40+ countries, more than 1,3M EUR Revenue,
more than 650 000 EUR EBITDA in 2014
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