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Robert downey jr

No description

jay chun

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Robert downey jr

occupation: He is an actor.
Robert downey jr
the backround.
Robert downey jr was born on April 4 1965. He started his acting career when he was olny 5 in his fathers movie "Proud." He was the younger of two children. His father was robert downey sr who was an underground film maker. His mother was elsie downey and his sister was Allyson. he grew up in greenwitch village. Robert grew up with drugs, his father was a drug adict and allowed robert to use marijuana at the age of six, his father said that he regrets it. soon robert started to take drugs with his father all the time and soon became addicted and also started to drink heviley.
the drugs.....
Robert took many drugs before he went into rehab, some of the drugs included heroin,marijuana,cocaine,etc
the classifications of the drug of some of the drugs robert took are classified as: stiulents and illigel drugs.
the classifiacation
The downfall of robert downey jr
When robert was a child the drugs did hurt him he soon got addicted to drugs and was makeing dozens of calls a night to get drugs. When he was an actor is when he was really hurt. He was covicted on multipl drug abuse cases,but the worst was when he was found driveing naked with cocaine,marijuana,heroin, and a unloded gun. Because of this he was arested and spent time in rehab and was evetually was fired from the show ally mcbeath. robert was sent to rehab multipl times, he was allowed to act even when in rehab most of the time
The drug robert strted with and used the most was marijuana. Marijunana or also know as canabis,hemp,and hashish is a drug used to help reduce nausea caused by some cancers, stimulate hunger in aids patients,and help stop muscle spasms, however marijuana if taken without a prescription is illegal and if taken esesivly you can seriously harm yourself. Marijuana is taken into the body throu many ways like, smoking and eating it. The reasson may people take marijuana is because it brings an intense feeling of great happiness or well-being, it also Increases the amount you laugh.
The drug!
the short and long term effects of marijuana
the short term effects are a increased appititat, feeling very happy and feeling a great seanse of well being. the long term effects are changes in mood and personality,Reduced resistance to common illnesses, (colds, bronchitis, etc.) growth disorders, ect.

Work cited.
http://www.drugfreeworld.org/drugfacts/marijuana/short-and-long-term-effects.html http://www.biography.com/people/robert-downey-jr-9542052
my refletion
I learned that Robet downey jr had hard even as a child he was draged into the horriable world of drugs and because of the drugs he lost many good opportunity to help him in his acting carrear but dispite everything he came back and stoped useing drugs. I also learned that drugs are just as bad as they say they are n school, drugs can easily ruin your life. The use of drugs greatly affects our world and life. Many good people died because of drugs and many more are in pain and misery. drugs affect every on young and old and no matter what they will and can ruin your life.
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