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Lovely Bones


isla lopez

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Lovely Bones

By: Isla Lopez Lovely Bones look at the picture what do you see? Alice Sebold Author Susie Salmon BONES Born September 6, 1963 Madison Wisconsin Attended university of Syracuse Alice was attacked and rapped Wrote many novels about murder girls Narrator 14 years old Rapped and Murdered on December 6, 1973 Spirit stuck on earth George Harvey sexual predator Rapist Serial killer Murder 39 years old Villen Felon Crazy victims Jackie Meyer Delaware 1967 thirteen Flora Hernandez Delaware 1963 eight Lean Fox Delaware 1969 twelve Sophie Cichetti Pennsylvinia 1960 forty-teen Leidia Johnson Pennsylvania 1960 Six Wendy Richter Connecticut 1971 thirteen Philadelphia Pennsylvania
1973 Winter Underground tunnel Themes: Grief, pushes them to believe in ghost. Physically and emotional of Susie lost. Revenge, want to get back at Mr. Harvey, does not understand why he would kill her and hack her up into little pieces ANGRY and no closer Would you forgive someone that
hacked you up into little pieces????????? Setting In-Between Between heaven and earth She can not move into heaven Attached to those in earth Porch Light Symbolize the family's grief The porch light has constantly been on since Susie death Jack Susie father always tries to catch Mr. Harvey Personal Response The lovely bones strange when you first start to read it. In the beginning it give you a hole lot of information one thing that stood out of the his book was when Mr. Harvey told Susie to say "tell me you love me THE END
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