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Breaking Down the Barrier

Establishing a low stress environment for language learners

Jennifer House

on 8 June 2013

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Transcript of Breaking Down the Barrier

Establishing a low stress classroom environment for language learners Breaking Down the Barrier
Do: Use familiar vocabulary and sentence structure when testing. Do use testing as a placement tool to ensure that ensure that a student is learning at his level. Don’t: Require students to speak or perform unless they’re ready. Never allow people to laugh at a student’s mistakes.

Do: Provide plenty of opportunity for students to interact in fun, meaningful conversations with their peers. Establish an encouraging environment. Don’t: Use non-meaningful texts and texts with no pictures and don’t teach everything “lecture style”

Do: Use authentic material such as newspapers, magazines, movies, popular texts. Use games and cooperative learning to encourage learning. Reducing anxiety, self-doubt, and boredom by using sheltered instruction strategies in your classroom gives language learners the confidence and motivation to learn! Don't: Test students on material that they’re still learning or use “new wording” when testing. AFFECTIVE FILTER A “mental block” that a person puts up which interferes with her learning a second language. This is in response to negative emotions caused by a stressful learning environment.

Using Sheltered Instructional strategies can help present new materials in a way that is comprehensible to your language learners. Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD) and Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) are two programs which can help all teachers support their language learners. HIGH ANXIETY VS. FAMILIARITY SELF-DOUBT VS.
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