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Chinese Cinderella

No description

john son

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Chinese Cinderella

Our theme for Chinese Cinderella, is to not let obstacles get in your way of accomplishing your dreams or goals. Adeline Yen Mah, from the memoir "Chinese Cinderella" had to overcome her obstacles because she's an unwanted daughter that has a great academic future. However, her siblings, step siblings, and her Father and Stepmother (Niang) are her obstacles that she has to overcome to succeed her dreams/ wishes.
Song: Hall of Fame
Memoir: Chinese Cinderella
There were several themes in the memoir Chinese Cinderella, one example of these themes is to not let obstacles get in your way of accomplishing your dreams. This theme of perseverance is shown in the memoir when Adeline was thinking to herself "Though my parents tell me I'm worthless, I've Proved them wrong! Of all the girls in the class, my classmates chose me to be their class president. I must forget about my home. In my other life, my REAL life- I'm not worthless. They respect me" (Yen Mah 112). This shows that Adeline does not want to let her parents ideas of her get in the way of her dreams and goals. Eventually though, we find out that Yen Mah indeed succeeds in becoming a good person, and proving her parents wrong with her triumph over the parents harshness. This shows how Adeline Yen Mah gets over her parent's dislike of her and becomes victorious in life.
Hall Of Fame:Lyrics
Movie: The Perfect Game
The movie "The Perfect Game" , the song "Hall of Fame", and the memoir "Chinese Cinderella" both have equal themes. In the movie, a group of little boys have to try to accomplish their dreams of playing baseball on a real field like the pros, but they are all poor, so they need to overcome their obstacles to find a way to get the equipment and uniform to play baseball. The team is in a conferance before the tournament and he asks the coach, "are your boys aware of how tall the American boys are?" Their coach replies," We are here to play them, not carry them." This line means a lot because they are all a foot smaller than the other kids, but they aren't letting height get in their way of playing.As in the book, Adeline is an unwanted daughter and is hated by almost everyone in her family and she has to overcome these dislikes and never give up on herself.
Perfect Game
Chinese Cinderella Triangle Theme Project

By: John Son and Kenny Vessey

The song "Hall of Fame" and the book "Chinese Cinderella" are related in their themes because they both focus on perseverance and about never giving up. The song tells that you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it and someday, you may be able to make it into the "Hall of Fame." In the song "Hall of Fame it says that "you can move mountains, you can break rocks. You can be a master. Don't wait for luck. Dedicate yourself and you can find yourself standing in the Hall of Fame"relates to Chinese Cinderella because that is what Ye Ye essentially told Adeline that when he was trying to motivate her, He said that she can do anything and that one day, she can rescue Aunt Baba and himself from all the evils that Niang has done to them.
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