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Covering a Game/Sidebar Story

No description

David Owens

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of Covering a Game/Sidebar Story

-Watching game
-Detecting strategies
-Looking for storylines
-Logging plays
-Adding more than highlights
-Formulating questions
-Typically arrive 2-3 hrs early
-so not rushed/time collect thoughts
-might be doing pregame live hit

-Go down on field/walk around
-can detect alot
-About hr or 30 mins before kickoff

-Get set up (notepads, pens, laptop, etc)

-Get something to eat/get ready to work

-Log all plays
-keep track of what happened
-you remember what you write
-helps photographer
-helps you formulate story
Covering the Game/Side Bar Story
Press Box
Not Just Sitting in Press Box
Once Game Begins
You're There to Add to Highlights
-Tell Me why team lost or won
-Predominant themes
-Poor Defense/abnormal offense/turnovers/
kicking game
-You're eyes and ears of viewer..tell me something I couldn't get from just watching game on TV
Post Game
-Normally head down to interview room a few minutes before game over
-10-15 minute cooling off period
-Normally two areas to do interviews
(locker room and podium)
-Bounce back and forth between both!!!!!
Podium Room
-Normally Coach and selected players
-More structured question and answer (normally raising hand)
Locker Room
-Free for all
-Gang of reporters hover around
Always After all interviewing is done
Start Writing Story Before Game Over
-You can see stories formulating as game goes on
-Start envisioning opens/closes, etc
Long Days!!
-Typical 1pm Redskins Game
-Arrive 11am
-Game kickoffs 1 ends 4 ish
-interviews 4:30-5:30
-write story/edit, etc, miscellaneous
-addl stories, VOs, etc
-normally done about 9pm
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