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Gun Industry

No description

Curt DeYoung

on 16 March 2018

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Transcript of Gun Industry

Thanks for watching
Early Guns
US Model 1841 Rifle
50 inch long rifle
Battle tested
brass stock steel trigger
used by many soldiers
Colt Paterson Revolver
First model was very unreliable
Later model had improved loading system
It also had more powerful shots
Colt Navy Revolver
A very comfortable gun for many
Really good handling
Very liked among pioneers
And doesn't look half bad

And Now Guns types
By: Ethan VanderVeen
Gourds Guns
The Earliest guns of the world were cannons invented around 1300 but gunpowder goes back 50 more years
Also 50 years after cannons were invented a hand held cannon was made. It was just like a cannon except held by 1 or 2 soldiers
In America the first guns were usually matchlocks and wheellocks
though a while later the American long rifle was very popular with colonial families
After the Revolutionary War American government had guns mass produced in Springfield and Harper's Ferry
Some early gun producers are still in business like "Remington" and "Whitney Arms"
A classic Civil War cannon
An early hand cannon
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How Does Gun Producing Affect what Happens Today?
If guns weren't invented there would be less casualties in war
This also means a lot of inventions might also not be invented
These may have included spaceships, Jets, and lots of other things too
Also there would be a lot less jobs during the great depression
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