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Women in Feudal Japan and Feudal Europe

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Pamela Arzate Garcia

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Women in Feudal Japan and Feudal Europe

Women had no independence throughout her Women in Feudal Japan Women in Feudal Europe Similarities between Both Feudal Countries. Women in Feudal Japan and Women in Feudal Europe Society Samurai women were expected to be brave, loyal, and to take on duty of revenge for their owners.
A man could divorce a woman and be sent back to her parents, if the husband says she is unhealthy, unclean, or unable to produce children.
The lower Japanese class of women had more freedom than noble women. Feudal Japan Work Women worked as cleaners, cooks, or housemaids as they cared for young children.
Women who belonged in the aristocracy were allowed to take part in politics. Society A woman's role was determined by either her husband, son or brother's standing in society.
When a woman lost her male guardian, she often lost her identity and became a social leper. Women in Feudal Europe Work Many women toiled alongside their families in the field
Some were employed in workshops, or were tradeswomen.
The female surfs virtually had no choice but to work in the fields.
The jobs were often as hard as the male's jobs. her life. When young, she had to obey her father. When married, she had to obey her husband. When widowed, she had to obey her son. Woman had to work hard, whether it was alongside her husband, or with her family in the house. Thank You For Being A Friend!!
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