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Managing Information Security in a riski world

Atbin Maghsoudi

on 3 March 2017

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Transcript of Secom

Describes activities that relate to the protection of information and information infrastructure assets against the risks of loss, misuse, disclosure or damage. Information Security
Dr. Isaei – Dr Kermanshah
Winter 2013
MBE Sharif University
Iran Management Information Systems ISO 27001 Related Standards Confidentiality
Availability The CIA:
Information Security Principles Describes controls that an organization needs to implement to ensure that it is sensibly managing these risks Information Security Management “If this is the information super highway, it’s going through a lot of bad, bad neighborhoods.” Managing Information Security
In a risky world Maryam Fattahzadeh Neda Behagh Atbin Maghsoudi Dorian A.Berger “There are serious issues with the measures taken to secure personal data”. . . . Michinoku Bank became the first bank to violate the Personal Information Protection Law and receive warning from the Japanese government.

— Nikkei Newspaper, July 19, 2005 - The leak of 4.5 million users’ data in Yahoo! BB (2004)

- losing of 20,000 consumer data records by hackers in Kakaku.com (a price-comparison website)

- Leaking of the personal data of city residents of The city of Yuzawa while using file-exchange software.

- Michinoku Bank lost CD-ROMs containing 1.3 million account holders including name, address, and account balance. Organizational Chart Many Tanx for your time and your kind consideration The Secom Group
Secom was the largest security service provider in Japan with a market share of over 60%. For the
fiscal year ending March 31, 2007, the company had sales of ¥613.9 billion and operating profits of
¥97.8 billion.
The company started in 1962 when Makoto Iida, along with Juichi Toda, established the Japan
Patrol Security Corporation, the first security service in Japan. Secom Trust Systems
The start of Secom’s information security business could be traced back to 1985 when it
established Japan Computer Security with the newly privatized Nippon Telegraph and Telephone
(NTT), which was the largest telecommunication company in Japan. Its main business was selling
virus protection software to prevent contamination of floppy disks. Secom Trust System’s Information Security Business
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