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Principal Interview Presentation

No description

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Principal Interview Presentation

Interview Presentation
by Raquel Villarreal

Main Topic
Major Components/Processes of a Successful School
How will these function on my campus?
Relational Capacity
Establishing positive relationships with Students/Staff/Parents
-Following the Capturing Kids Hearts Philosophy with implementation of Social Contracts, Shaking Hands, Four Questions, Establishing trust
-Intentional Leadership ideas-Thank you notes to staff, celebrations in meetings, reinforcement and recognition of staff/students/Parents
-Parental involvement-Parent volunteers, PTA, Parent nights
High Expectations
A consistent finding of Academic Research is that High Expectations are the most reliable driver of high student achievement, even in students who do not have a history of successful achievement.
Clear Vision and Mission
Vision-What do we aim to achieve?
Mission-How will we get there?
Safe and Orderly Environment
Procedures established and reinforced to ensure safety and order for all.

Customer Service is priority. Organization of the school environment where students/staff/parents/community feel welcomed when they enter the building.
Handle each situation according to set procedures, school district expectations.
Emergency procedures are practiced and all members are knowledgeable of such.

Academic-Instructional Planning that ensures Academic Achievement, Data binders, Data meetings, Parent communication-conferences, calendars, newsletters, Parent nights

Behavior-Consistent Discipline Management Plan implemented and followed

Set high expectations that are monitored and hold both students and adults accountable for student’s continuous improvement.
Vision-Research data and see what areas of improvement are needed-Look carefully at the Campus Improvement Plan, the District Improvement Plan, STAAR results, District Testing Results, Surveys-parent, district
Mission-How will we accomplish this vision?
What will we put into place to ensure success? Planning the academic calendar ahead of time, Committees to address a variety of areas-Academic, Behavior, Budget, Culture and Climate
Effective Leadership-
The Principal works with Teachers to implement a clear and strategic vision for continuous success.
Being visible and present in classrooms, hallways, cafeteria, morning-arrival, afternoon-dismissal
Walk-throughs, Feedback, Assessing Campus Needs
Bringing out the best in those I lead....
Staff Development
Building leadership capacity
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