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The Statue of Liberty

No description

Gabriella Hernandez

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of The Statue of Liberty

The Statue Of Liberty
The statue was built by French sculptor Auguste Bartholdi. The pedestal on which the statue was going to be standing on was done after the actual statue itself. The pedestal was done in April 1886 and the actual statue was done in France in July 1884. This was because the pedestal had to be paid for by the Americans themselves. Three hundred and fifty individual pieces of the statue had to be packed into two hundred fourteen crates to be shipped from France to New York.
1.she is located in New York City, New York
2. she weights 225 tons
3. she is 305 ft and 6 in. tall
4. there are 7 rays on her crown and they stand for the seven continents
5. her tablet says JULY IV MDCCLXXVI
6. Bedloe Island was changed to Liberty Island after the statue was there.
7.the statue was 10 years late
8. it is made of copper and wrought iron was officially inaugurated by President Grover Cleveland
Detail 4
The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France. It is a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. The skeletal framework was designed by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel. He also designed the Eiffel Tower in France.This statue was designed as a national monument in 1924.
The Making of the Statue of Liberty
The Process of the Statue's Restoration
The statue was restored for her centennial on July 4,1986. Workers repaired holes in the copper skin and removed layers of paint from the inside and the internal iron structure. They replaced rusting iron bars with stainless steel bars. The torch was removed and replaced.When it was being restored the new torch was carefully covered with thin sheets of 24kt gold.
Fun Facts
Why I am interested in this topic
10. there are 354 steps to the top
11. would wear a 879 shoe size in women's
12.the outer copper covering is less than 2 pennies thick
13. the green outer covering is because of natural weathering
14. 4 million people visit each year
15. 300 different types of hammers were used to create it
16. 600 bolts of lightning have hit the statue every year since it was built
Did you Know ?
Freedom is not standing still. A symbolic feature that people can't see is the broken chain wrapped around her feet. It symbolizes her free forward movement, enlightening the world with her torch free from oppression and servitude.
What does this Statue mean to society?
I am interested in the Statue of Liberty because I have seen it so many times in movies and other things that it made me want to know the whole story behind it. Learning all of these interesting facts has given me a whole new perspective on this great piece of art work that means so much to this country. I have enjoyed
this topic and I hope you did too.
This statue means a whole lot to society. It does because it is a great symbol of freedom. I think it also symbolizes this country's independence from Great Britain. This statue is also very important because a lot of people put their money, hard work, and time into building this statue. The Statue of Liberty will forever be important to America.
The Statue of Liberty compared and
contrasted to the american flag and freedom itself.
1. The Statue of Liberty represents freedom.

2. They are both something this country would not be right without.

3. The Statue of Liberty also represents the United States and the United States represents freedom for all citizens.

1. Freedom is not something touchable or visible.

2. Freedom is a right but the Statue of Liberty is not.

3. With freedom you are allowed to act, speak, or think how you want; the statue can not do any of those things.
1. They are both symbols of freedom and justice.

2. They both represent the United States and what the United States stands for.

3. They are both equally important to the people of this nation.

1. The american flag has more copies of it than the Statue of Liberty.

2. The Statue of Liberty is bigger, heavier, and in one specific location.

3. The Statue of Liberty is worth more than an american flag (if it has 50 stars)

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