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Joan of Arc

No description

Ngan Nguyen

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Joan of Arc

Biography of Joan of Arc. By: Ngan Nguyen The Qualities of Joan: Can see and hear angels. She's valiant and courageous. Joan is faithful and pure. Accomplishments: Joan is quite a persistent person. Joan have won many victories for France. She ended the Hundred Years' War even though defeat seems almost certain, but Joan was able to beat the English and save France. Joan's name lived on and she is well respected for what she had done for France. She inspires others to never give up and proves that miracles do happen. Quote:
“She made up her mind. She told her near-fiancé that she was taking back her word: she would not be his, could no longer think of marrying him-because she was responsible for the tragedy that had befallen all of them. She did not help him understand what she was saying. She never spoke to him of her “voices”. That was none of his business.” Pg. 39
- I chose this quote because it made me sort of angry when she decides to leave her fiance without telling him why. I believe he has the rights and deserves to know everything, but no, she left him clueless as of why she broke off their engagement. Quote:
“Sometimes she would also contradict herself inadvertently. She was asked if, when her “angels” appeared, she saw them in full. No. she said then, faces only: “I do not remember whether they had arms, or any other members.” But then this answer collapsed when she reported that she “kissed the ground where they had lain,” and Saint Michael was dressed like “a true wise man of law,” and she had been able to put her arms around both Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret.
There was another fateful contradiction, concerning her departure. Had her angels advised her to disobey her parents by running away without telling them? And Joan replied, “My voices would have been satisfied if I had told my parents,” but on another day, “My voices left it to me whether to tell them or not.”” Pg. 187
- This quote, to me is very interesting. I chose it because it goes against Joan. This specific quote makes it difficult to believe that Joan could really see angels and that her claims are false. It's fascinating because the book gives you reasons why you should believe her and this quote makes you doubt that her claims are true. Quote:
“Through the creaking of flames, she could be heard shouting, at the top of her lungs, “JE-SUS!!!”
“The Bourgeois of Paris “ related: "When her dress was finally burned, the fire was pulled back so that the people should have no doubt; they saw her stark naked, revealing all the secrets of a woman; and when this vision had lasted long enough, the executioner rekindle the fire high around the poor carcass.
What was left of her body, a little bloody pile, was put into a sack and thrown in to the River Seine.” Pg. 218
- I chose this quote because I can't believe that people could be so cruel. They humiliated her by deliberately exposing her body. I found it amazing how she could shout Jesus at the moment she was dying - it showed that she had always had faith in God from the beginning to the very end. Slide show created by Ngan Nguyen My name is Ngan Nguyen and I'm a Freshman attending The Academy of Smith. My life long goal is to become a doctor. I enjoy surfing the web, reading, sleeping, and simply hanging out with friends in my free time. Conclusion: I chose to read about Joan of Arc because first, I didn't know much about her before. The other reason was because I found her interesting with all the claims that she could see angels; I found that pretty cool and sort of hard to believe so I wanted to know more about it. After researching a bit more about her, it said that she, a girl with no war experience had led many victories for France. That is mind blowing, especially that she had ended the Hundred Years' War that French was losing before she came. I wanted to know how she did it and what had gave her such confidence to do such thing. Bibliography Bibliography: Image Sources "Joan of Arc." SparkNotes. SparkNotes, 2012. Web. 13 Nov. 2012. <http://www.sparknotes.com/biography/joanofarc/timeline.html>.

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