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Lewis & Clark Expedition

No description

Allen Martin

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Lewis & Clark Expedition

Lewis & Clark Expedition
By:Allen and Dominic

Question 1: Who sent Lewis and Clark on the expedition?
Thomas Jefferson was the one who sent Lewis and Clark on expedition. Thomas Jefferson was our 3rd president. He was educated at the college of William and Mary.He also invented the clock, the sundial, and other various things we use today.
Question 2: How much money were the given to spend on the expedition?
Lewis and Clark were given 2,500 dollars to spend on their trip. Although, they actually spent from 40,000 to 50,000 dollars. Since not only Lewis and Clark were on the expedition, 50 others were, including an African-American slave,
Question 3: What kinds of supplies did they need for their expedition?(A sink of course!)
Question 4: What were the four goals of the expedition?
Question 5: What did they travel in?
Question 6: What did Lewis and Clark spend most of their time doing?
Question 7: What happened on August 20, 1804 and what did the crew to honor him?
Question 8: What animal did Lewis describe on September 7, 1804 and how did they attempt to catch one?
Lewis and Clark's four goals for the expedition were to map the rivers,make native friends, open the Western trade, and look for a Northwest passage.
They needed hand compasses, hatchets, 288 knives, knapsacks, a long barreled rifle, and syringe.
Lewis and Clark traveled in a 17-meter keel boat(a covered river boat with shallow draft).
Clark would chart maps. Lewis would study rocks on the shore.
The crew buried Sergeant C. Floyd on top of a bluff. He died of sickness.
The animal that Lewis described a prairie dog. They attempted to catch the prairie dog by flooding their holes or their homes.
Question 9: What important members joined the crew?
They hired interpreter Toussaint Charbonneau, a French-Canadian fur trapper living among the Hidatsa. His wife, Sacagawea, had a baby while helping Lewis and Clark.
Question 11: What did they send back to St. Louis, and eventually the President?
Lewis and Clark sent back 108 botanical specimens,68 minerals, and Lewis' map.
Question 12: What would Lewis and Clark need to get across the continental divide and where could they get them?
They needed horses, the Shoshone Tribe had the horses that they needed,
Question 13: How did the Shoshone Tribe help the expedition?
The chief told them the directions to the Continental Divide, they also provided horses.
Question 14: What did the men have to eat at the Bitterroot Mountains(I thought it was obvious)?
They ate their horses, dried fish, and roots of course!
Question 15: What was important about the decision they made on November 24, 1805?
They needed to decide where they would spend the winter. They spent the winter near the Ocean, the Pacific Ocean.
Question 16:How did they spend their winter on the Pacific Ocean.
They spent their winter near a river which was near the Pacific. There, they stayed at Fort Clatsop.
Question 17: What happened on August 11, 1806?
The group "mistook" Lewis for an elk, so they shot him in the leg.
Question 18: When did the expedition end and how long did it last?
The expedition ended on September 23, 1806. All together, it lasted 2 years 4 months and 10 days.
Question 19: List 5 animals, 5 plants, and 5 tribes discovered by Lewis and Clark.
Bull shark
CA Newt
Loggerhead Shrike
and the Harbor Seal
Chocolate Lily
Black Hawthorn
Arrowleaf Balsamroot
Alkali Cordgrass
and the Desert Parsley
and Shoshone
Question 20: Tell what each person gets that completed the adventure.
Each person received 600 acres and cash. Lewis and Clark of course got a little bit more than everybody else.
This presentation was by Domonic and Allen. Most of our information came from the webquest itself.
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