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A Gift of Fire


Luigi Park

on 23 March 2010

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Transcript of A Gift of Fire

The Impact on Employment The Work Environment Employee Monitoring Many jobs created
and destroyed
"But nowhere is there any mention of the truth
about the information highway, which is mass
unemployment -David Noble Number of bank tellers dropped by about 37% between
1983 and 1993. However, an estimated 36,000 new
Internet-related jobs were created in 1995 and in
1996, about 100,000more. 1998, the Semiconductor Industry Association reported that chip makers employed 242,000 workers directly in the U.S. and 1.3 million workers indirectly Teleworking Benefits:
Reduced overhead
Some increased productivity (15%)
Saving for both company and employee
(Less branch office)
(No money used on transportation ) Problems:
Some employers find loyalty of telecommuters weakened
Some employees find an office in home space consuming
No real interaction with workers Issue:
Some illegal jobs such as a woman sewing garments for clothing manufacturers and paid by the piece is forbiden, but this is occuring more frequently and their numbers reach 10,000 Laws are for the employers watching employee's mails and searches Employee's stance:
They have the rights for their privacy and have some personal material in the computer where the employer does not have the privaledge to touch. Employer's stance:
The employee might be leaking information about the company or may search or enter websites which may harm the company's reputation. The websites can figure out the IP address of each visits and this may work against the company's reputation Frequently visited websites:
Chat room
Stock investment There was an incident where the employee was more productive when he had a 2 hour leisure time during work with his stock investment Law:
The court says that the employer monitering the employee is legal since all the material is purchased by the company. The employer pays for the employee's time so they have the right to look at their browser records and e-mails Computers and Work
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