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Academic Feedback/TAP FAQ

No description

Andrew Conkle

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Academic Feedback/TAP FAQ

Academic Feedback Rubric Research on
Academic Feedback Recap from Questioning Turn and talk to a partner about
the following ideas we discussed before
Fall Break:
Wait Time
Bloom's Taxonomy Observations Pre-conference The observer will set up a time and place to
have the pre-conference.

Usually one to two days before the actual lesson
will be observed.

Will usually last 10-20 minutes.

The teacher will bring the lesson that will be

The format of the lesson is up to the teacher. It should
contain the objective and the activities and materials that
will be used.

Teacher and Observer will discuss the upcoming lesson. Observation Observer will email or talk with teacher.

"I need to observe you this/next week. What day would you like me to come observe?"
"Give me a few days/times next week that I could observe a lesson."

Observer will come observe lesson.

After the lesson, the teacher will self-score their lesson using a
Teacher Observation Report document.

We hope to make this available on the shared drive.

The teacher will bring their self-scores to the Post-conference. FAQ How long should my lesson be?
Depends on the age of the students
Each lesson should have a beginning, middle, and end.

What if I'm absent on a day I'm scheduled to be observed?
We will reschedule your observation.

Is there a lesson plan template we need to use for the announced observations?
There is not a set format. I have several lesson plan templates to share if you'd like one.

What if I'm giving a test during an unannounced visit?
Do not change your plans if someone comes for an unannounced visit. If there is not enough time or data to collect evidence, we will come back another time. Post-Conference Will be scheduled within 48 hours of the lesson.

Observer might see or email teacher prior
to post-conference for any clarifications

Post-conference Routine:
Opening Comments
Area of Reinforcement
Area of Refinement
Scores are exchanged Week of October 22 Beginning the Week of Nov. 26th Providing Specific
Academic Feedback Descriptive feedback is the most
powerful tool for improving student
Black, Harrison & Lee (2003) Reflect on the following:
How are you currently providing feedback to students?
What is the nature of your feedback?
How do students respond to your feedback?

Think-Pair-Share Scores The scores for all of the indicators will
be averaged to one score for the evaluation.

At the end of the year, the four observations
will be averaged for one final Observation Average. Feedback Strategies can vary in several dimensions:
Audience Timing: Amount: Mode: Audience: Develop Time:
Academic Feedback Source: ASCD What feedback would you provide? An initial feedback comment might be:
"This is clear and makes sense to me." "More details would make this more interesting.
If you move the sentence about the lunchroom being
big right after "noise" you give one reason for the noise. Can you think of others? Can you describe
what the noise sounds like?" For some students, you might stop with
one positive comment and one suggestion for
improvement. The next bit of feedback might be:
Who will be observing me?
1- Mr. Craig
1- Mr. Tapak
1- Mr. Conkle
1- Randomly assigned

What is the order of Observations?
Observation 1- Announced (Nov. 26-Jan 11)
Observation 2- Unannounced (Mid Jan-
Observation 3- Unannounced April 8)
Observation 4- Announced (April 15- May 17) Next Week: Thinking Class Dojo:

http://www.classdojo.com Today's Objectives:
TWBAT understand and effectively implement the descriptors of the Academic Feedback Indicator on the Instructional Rubric.

TWBAT identify the key components of Academic Feedback in the classroom setting. Watch the Two Video Clips.

On the back of your exit slip note your
observations of the Academic Feedback
given by the teachers.
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