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A WW2 Survivor

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of A WW2 Survivor

A WW2 Survivor
Lucy Thompson was born in the Netherlands. She was half Jewish and her father became a Jew shortly after him and her mother got married. Her mother was discriminated early on because she looked different then the rest of the kids. Her fathers troubles began when Hitler rose to power.
Lucy's young childhood
from the time Lucy was little she was treated differently because of her race. Hitler blamed the jews for the loss of Germany in WW1. Hitlers anger was taken out on millions of Jews including Lucy.
Concentration Camps
Hitler sent millions of Jews to Concentration Camps and Work camps. They were poorly treated and lived in horrible living conditions. They were sent away on trains to be tortured by Hitler's soldiers the Nazis.
Lucy Experience
Lucy was sent to a Concentration Camp when she was six. She was tortured and starved. She catched the disease typhoid and wasvery sick. She losy her ability to walk and when released she regained her ability to walk but lost her father while she was away.
Lucy's life now
Lucy is a healthy 75 year old active mother figure to 3 teenage grandchildren. She has passed on her story to her kids and grandkids. She is an inspiration and has forgiven the Nazis and Hitler for what they did and took from her.
The Nazis were like Hitlers slaves from the time they were little, Hitler trained them to hate the jews. People were forced to hate them but the true heroes were the people who broke away from Hitlers brain washing.
Lucy's Life By Gracie and Holley
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