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Kyle Raub's Prezumé

My Official Resumé

Kyle Raub

on 2 August 2016

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Transcript of Kyle Raub's Prezumé

kyle.raub @ gmail.com
(980) 230-5882
Charlotte, NC
Master of Arts in Cognitive Semiotics

Research/study concentrations: social cognition, cognitive linguistics, communication theory, cognitive development, UX design, human/environment interaction, behavioral analytics
Aarhus University (2013), Aarhus, Denmark
University of North Carolina at Charlotte (2009), Charlotte, NC
Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Science

C. Laude graduate
Central Piedmont Community College (2009), Charlotte, NC
Audio Engineering Certificate

Studio design, signal routing, acoustics, recording techniques, adaptive audio design
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
(2007), Charlotte, NC
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

Minor in Japanese, Phi Beta Delta award, C. Laude graduate
Additional Coursework:

Physics of Music
Music Business
Additional Training:

Pro Tools
Cognitive Pragmatics
SAP Business Objects
Motivational Interviewing
Project Coordinator / Social Clinical Researcher
(January 2009 – August 2011, June 2012), UNC Charlotte, Charlotte, NC
Administered MI (Motivational Interviewing) method to hundreds of participants to develop behavioral change
Advocated for and managed volunteer participants across a 2-year longitudinal research protocol
Designed, built, and maintained our research database
Developed digital communication solutions to increase participant session attendance
Executed outreach events and efforts to recruit over 1,000 participants across multiple cohorts
(August 2007 – August 2008), Sullivan Language Institute, Pyeongtaek, South Korea
Advanced K-8 students’ linguistic aptitude and cross-cultural understanding in a dynamic classroom setting
Delivered specific lesson plans and teaching strategies based on students’ needs
Successfully coordinated student activities with international and multi-lingual team of teachers
Leveraged gamification techniques to enhance coursework retention
Expanded user adoption, retention, and accessibility of a research database management system (REDCap) 600% through improved interfacing, training, and design
Earned a performance award for developing an interactive knowledgebase for system researchers
Advised users on suitable research project designs and built over 500 individual projects
Charted and implemented stakeholder training on data methodologies, pragmatics, and instrument design
Regularly administered metrics and data visualizations for research VP, AVP, directors, and coordinators
Research Database Administrator
(March 2013 – Present) Carolinas HealthCare System, Charlotte, NC
Built, manage, and fully run an independent audio design business (Eiravaein Works)
Sound effects, field recording, acoustics, composition, post-production, audio implementation, audio branding
Project management for audio and interactive media design projects in independent and collaborative environments
Pro Tools, FL Studio, Sound Forge, Rx, Wwise, FMOD, Unity, SourceTree, BitBucket, and more
Familiar with SQL, PHP, C#
Fluent in multiple auditory, visual, and interactive design platforms
7+ years of full-scope research experience (review, design, implementation, participant interaction, outreach, analysis)
International work experience with multidisciplined teams in Asia and Europe
Highly savvy in technological and creative processes (adaptive to any program/platform)
Incredibly quick at drawing up design concepts and prototypes

Metta Foundation Librivox.org GMU Speech Accent Archive
As the audio editor and review committee member, I am
working to improve their audio asset collection as well as organizing their audio editing protocol.
I am a contributor to Librivox where as a community of inter-
disciplinary individuals we work together to transcribe literary works within the public domain from texts to quality audio books, for free.
I am a remote-submission researcher for Dr. Steven H. Weinberger and his team, where they are working to document and analyze the many accents of the world through a collection of user-submitted dictations.
Sound Designer / Owner
(August 2013 – Present), Eiravaein Works, Charlotte, NC
Regularly design, plan, produce, and release professional sound effects libraries
Scored and edited multiple documentaries for international production teams under restrictive deadlines
Developed and implemented sound design and music for indie game projects (Wwise/Unity)
Initiated new public sound design works for community organizations (Little Free Libraries, Librivox.org)
Designed community audio management system for the Metta Foundation
On-track to meet 5-year goal of 100% annual growth
Research Thesis:
Semiotic Identity and Affective Value of Public Soundscapes: Meaning-Making, Analysis, and Pragmatics
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