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Understanding Coffee Shop Drinkers' Behavior of

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Tin Bautista

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Understanding Coffee Shop Drinkers' Behavior of

Buying Behavior of Coffee Shop Drinkers in Lyceum of the Philippine University - Cavite
Introduction and Background
Statement of the Problem
Significance of the Study
Conceptual Framework
Scope and Limitations
Research Method and Design
Sources of Data
Data Gathering Procedure
Data Analysis
Conclusions and Recommendations
Many have dubbed coffee as the greatest addiction ever. It made as the most consumed beverages in the world.
Coffee shops now are innovating their coffees and other products to keep their customers satisfied.
To study the consumer behavior is really important for a business, it helps to attract and retrain consumers, establish competitive advantage and to somehow, build a brand loyalty.
The study aims to study the behavior of coffee shops' customers to identify their target market. Specifically, the study aims to answer the following.
1. Profile of the customers.
2. Behaviors of coffee shops' customers are described with regards to; frequency of purchase, items purchases and, decision influence
3. How can the coffee shops target market be characterized.
The study aims to benefit the following:

1. Owners of coffee shops.
2. Government.
3. Future entrepreneurs.
4. Employees.
5. Future researchers/students.
This study is focused on the behavior of customers of different coffee shops located in SM City Dasmariñas. The respondents of the study are the students of Lyceum of the Philippines University - Cavite enrolled during the 2nd semester of S.Y. 2014 - 2015 who are customers of ther coffee shops.
This study used
descriptive research method (survey)
, to gather the information needed.
Gathers primary data and secondary data from internet and other related studies, conducting questionnaire survey, validating results for clarity, accuracy and reliability of the data gathered.
1. Study questionnaire from related studies and start to prepare one.
2. Ask people who have knowledge in making questionnaire.
3. Collect that will cover all the questions that must be answer as it is stated in the statement of the problem.
4. Submit the questionnaire to the adviser for correction
5. Pre-test the questionnaire for further corrections.
6. Distribute the questionnaire to respondents and collect them personally.
1. Majority of the respondents came from College of Business Administration.
2. More that half of the coffee drinker's age range from 18-19 years old.
3. Majority of the customers of coffee shops were female.
4. Majority of the respondents' allowance is 100php-200php.
5. Majority of the respondents visit Starbucks.
6. Majority of the customers choose to visit large-national chain coffee shops.
7. More than half of the customers of coffee shops patronizes single shop.
8. Majority of the respondents visit a coffee shop once a week.
9. Majority of the customers purchase cold drinks.
10. Majority of the coffee drinkers spend 150php-250php in a singe purchase.
11. Majority of the customers chose a coffee shop is because of the satisfaction that they get from taste.
12. More than half of the respondents visit a coffee with their friends.
13. Majority of the respondents said they will recommend a coffee shop.
14. Almost all of the respondents will visit the same coffee shop once they crave for a said coffee drink.
• For the coffee shop owners, to widen their target market even more and to improve their service to continue to satisfy their customers.
• For the owners of small- privately owned coffee shops, to improve their advertising strategy and assure that they will satisfy every customer they’re going to have if they want to succeed in this business.
• For the future entrepreneurs, for those who have plans to franchise or establish their own coffee shops, upon reading this research, they may even improve or construct their own research to study the things that they want to know about the behaviors of the customers of coffee shops.
• For the employees of coffee shops, to know how actually the consumers behave and how they should behave in front them.
consumer behavior and preference about coffee shop
Identify the target market and to know what consumers prefer, a large-national chain o small privately-owned coffee shops.

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