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Exploring an innovative company

No description

Carolina Reigado

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Exploring an innovative company

Exploring an innovative company Student: Carolina Reigado This is a company strongly influenced by its leaders. The co-founder... And the one that replaced him... Obsessive about product detail Obsessive about operational detail Perfectionism Passion Engage the team Inventive Spirit Voracious Workaholic Quiet ...And comparisons are inevitable And each project has a Directly Responsible Individual In order to ensure RESPONSIBILITY And ACCOUNTABILITY "Here's to the crazy ones" Fitness Centre The culture Employees decide which charity institution the company will support The
Top 100 executives Access to secret information Get to know the products before the market Participation on important decisions Other employees Pressure But, at the same time...Segregation A headhunter who has worked extensively with the company to hire engineers "The problem, really at the core, is that the co-founder’s inspiration is irreplaceable" "People join and stay because they believe in the mission of the company, even if they aren't personally happy." Focus On just a few things at a time And focus on
a "consumer-pull strategy that assumes consumers do not know what they want, but are looking for something new and exciting" Focus
on developed markets, as Europe and US Adapted from Tim Bajarin, an analyst with Creative Strategies For each project, a small team.
Team Spirit is one of the company's Values
"Individuals are encouraged to interact with all levels of management, sharing ideas and suggestions to improve the company's effectiveness and quality of life. It takes all of us to win. We support each other and share the vistories and rewards together. We are enthusiastic about what we do." Recreational area "We recognize each person's contribution to the company's success, and we share the financial rewards that flow from high performance. We recognize also that rewards must be psychological as well as financial, and we strive for an atmosphere where each individual can share the adventure and excitement of working here." Individual Rewards are also a value of the company A key Value: Innovation/Vision
"We built our company on innovation, providing products that were new and needed. We accept the risks inherent in following our vision, and work to develop leadership products that command the profit margins we strive for." “He clearly is the
guy that if the nncompany needed additional leadership at the top, could actually nnnncarry it." Adapted from Gene Munster, an analyst with Piper Jaffray. Think different References:
Apple Employee Handbook - Copyright 1993 Apple Computer, Inc.
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