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Edith Eileen Brown


Sarah Schwalbe

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Edith Eileen Brown

By: Sarah Schwalbe Edith Eileen Brown The Sinking Then, the Titanic hit an iceburg, and started to sink. Edith and her mother, Elizabeth Catherine, were able to find a life boat, Boat 14. However, her father stayed on the ship. He went down with the Titanic. She and her mother both survived on that horrible night. Edith ended up being one of the oldest Titanic survivors.

Some time after the sinking, she went to live in Seattle with her aunt, Josephine Acton for a short time. Eventually, Edith returned to her home town, Cape Town, to stay with relatives. Her mother remarried and moved to Rhodesia. Marriage and Children Remembering Titanic In 1993, she received a gold watch, which was thought to be her father's watch. It was attached to a silver plate with the words, "What better use for scientific technology than to reunite a father with his child". In August of 1996, she revisited the Titanic wreckage, along with other remaining survivors. She threw a rose into the ocean, in remembrance of her father, who, then, died 84 years ago. Edith died on January 20, 1997, at the age of 100, from Pneumonia. Edith Eileen Brown Edith Brown was born on October 27, 1896, in Cape Colony, South Africa. She was 15 years old when her and her parents boarded the Titanic as 2nd Class passengers. Her father, Thomas William Solomon Brown, was planning on traveling to Seattle, Washington to open up a hotel business. In May of 1917, she met a man named Frederick Thankful Haisman, and fell in love with him. Then on June 30, just six weeks after they met, they married. They traveled many places together, then settled down in Southampton, England. Their first child was born August 1918.

Her husband soon died in 1977. She was survived by 4 sons, 2 daughters, and more than 30 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
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