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Kaleen Krueger

on 20 November 2014

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Where to Start
Step 1: Break it Down:
Customer Service
According to AHTC, customer service is defined as the practice of providing people with a positive, helpful experience before, during or after buying something.
Step 2 Break it Down:
Employee Training
Training is Worth the Investment

Training helps your business run better.
Training is a recruiting tool.
Training promotes job satisfaction.
Training is a retention tool, instilling loyalty and commitment from good workers.
Training is essential for knowledge transfer.
Training gives seasonal workers a reason to return.
Step 3 Break it Down:
Programs We Offer
Web-Based Learning Platform
Goal: Break it Down
B.I.D., Inc.
Amethyst, Montana
Population 98,527
Amethyst Convention and Visiter Bureau
37 hotels
362 retail stores
218 restaurants
6 museums
3 taxi service companies
Metro Area Bus Transportation
5 routes
3 amusement parks
Total number of hospitality workers:
No business can survive without customers.

Customers have more options than before causing less loyalty to a business.
Customers want products fast, cheap, and quick from whoever will provide them.
68% of people who leave a business say they do so because of poor customer service.
Happy customers tell 4 to 5 other of their positive experience, while dissatisfied customers tell 9 to 12 people how bad it was or worse they post their complaints on social media.
The 3 R's of Customer Loyalty

Repeat Sales
Customer Service Training DVDs
Half Day, On-Site Workshops
Staff will access training modules which will impact how they do their jobs. Staff view video segments, measure retention with online quizzes, benefit from post-quiz feedback, and earn certificates of completion. The comprehensive administrative tracking system allows supervisors and managers to assign courses, track progress, and ultimately improve service levels.

B.I.D., Inc. provides 32 different training modules that range from "How to Deal with an Irate Customer" to "Essential Telephone Skills."
Cost: $ 7,450 for 365 days
The course will give your managers and supervisors the flexibility to train on a variety of communication topics. This training collection will save hundreds of hours of preparation time and is also effective in a self-study environment.
The Complete DVD Library contains 18 instructional courses that will empower you staff with the skills they need to deliver superior customer service.
Cost: $6,670 for Complete Library

Invite our staff trainer to conduct your next customer service training session. B.I.D., Inc. offers proven on-site training workshops for delivery at your location or off-campus meeting. These comprehensive half-day workshops feature an interactive presentation for up to 200 attendees per workshop.
Cost: $1,800 per session
The Amethyst Convention and Visiter Bureau will be the hub station for all resources for the hospitality businesses to obtain the training services.
The ultimate goal is to have Amethyst be recognized as one of the most helpful and friendly cities to visit.
Amethyst hospitality employees will be able to target specific areas that need improvement, exceed customers expectation, and create lasting relations with customers.
B. I. D., Inc.
122 Main Street
Casselton, WA 75006
Phone (425) 555-0125
Fax (425) 555-0125
Email: bidinc@yahoo.com
Facebook: BID Inc.
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