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Samuel De Champlain

No description

oscar salais

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Samuel De Champlain

Samuel de Champlain Champlain found Lake Champlain on 1609 asdfasdfaajkksdfa sdfsfsd sdfs hi ms snowithe =) bet u cant find me! Champlain was born on
1567 in Brouage France
Samuel De Champlain sailed under the
french flag in 1603 Champlain sailed and
explored wat he called the river of
Canada. He sailed up string in a long
boat as an observer. Henry the fourth
funded his trip.
we remember him because he faounded
the city of quebec on 1608. Also because
the lake that he found and named after him.
Also because he fougth in the war in 1628
in the war between France and England. After founding Quebec he ventured
to lake Huron, were he met natives and lead
him to a war between the huron and the Iroquois. "Champlain, Samuel de."Encyclopedia Britanica. Encyclopedia britanica online school.
edition. Encyclopedia britanica 2010 Web 22 Apr. 2010 k hi miss
hi miss snowwithe

jajajaja you cant find me!!
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