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How Soccer Explains the World

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Sarah Djahedi

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of How Soccer Explains the World

Katie How Soccer Explains the World Chapter 3 & 4 Chapters 7&8 Chapter 1 & 2 Synopsis Soccer is more than a game, it's a way of life and culture. It reflects much of the culture in Europe and all over the world. Foer reports how soccer initially explains the global economy and politics. He gives us insightful reportage of globalization. This book also gives us insight on the conflict between civilizations and the cultural imperialism in nation. We see the corruption behind governments reflected in the politics in soccer clubs. We also see religion and nationalism play in the huge rivalry in national club teams. "When this fans dabbled in racism and radical nationalism that was because those ideologies worked as metaphors for their own lives." "It is east to link support for a soccer club with religiosity." "An entire movement of Jews believed that soccer and sport generally, would liberate them from the violence and tyranny and anti-Semitism." "To be sorrowful about the disappearance of this old culture requires grossly sentimentalizing the traditions and atmosphere that have passed. Chapter 5 & 6 "But the rulers of the Brazilian game have committed sins beyond depriving fans of amenities. They have disorganized the game itself." Gangsters Paradise Pornography of Sects The Jewish Question The Sentimental Hooligan Survival of the Top Hats Black Carpathians New Oligarchs Discreet Charm of Bourgeois Nationalism Chapter 9&10 Islam's Hope American Culture Wars Read All About It! *Discover the effects of soccer on religions, cultures, and humans as a whole! *Travel to all corners of the world just by reading this book! *Be amazed by the persistence of human kind! Get your kicks from reading! Discover globalization in a whole new way! "Other countries have greeted soccer with relatively indifference. But the United Stated is perhaps the only place where a loud portion of the population actively disdains the game even campaigns against it." "The whole team was built to entertain and play a brand of soccer more beautiful than anything Juventus could deliver." "If you have liberal politics and yuppie tastes, it isn't easy to find a corner of the soccer firmament that feels like home." "The western strategy of globalization had, in effect, been globalized." "With so many people flowing through the Azadi's turnstiles, it's impossible to ensure conformity with the finer points of Islamic law."
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