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lib hist

on 7 September 2018

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Transcript of shunorra


charles kettle was drafted in the army at age 21.While being drafted into the army he had to fight in the vietnam war wich was the hardest war beacause of how many bullets and extreme supplie of weapins the vietnamese had.
charles was made the chief in the vietnam war and was allowed to fly the helicopter.the vietnamese decided to use alot of gun powedrv towards chareles crew wich was very dangreous.once charles heard the news about this he hopped on the helicopter that no one was on and decided to help his crew memebers.one of the vietnamese soilders saw this and decided to tell his crew to stop firing but to tell his crew to stop with the gas and get their firearms and start shooting at charles.charles felt a slight pain in his leg but it went away after a while.he then realized he got shot with a very huge bullet that went completely threw his leg.but charles didnt pay attention to his legnnor his life he had to help the other soliders out before they all got serioulsy injured.when the vietnamese stopped shooting charles managed to get 8 soliders on to the plane without anymore injuries.this is how charles showed courage.
charles kettle facts
he is a retired citizens.
He was born on january 9th 1930
he served for the united states
awared 4 medals including the medal of honor
he recived his bachelors degree
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