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The Aleuts

For Mr.McKenzie's 4th period Alaska Studies Class

Bret Johnson

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of The Aleuts

The Aleuts By Bret Johnson The Aleutian Islands What are the Islands? (Umnk Island) The Andreanof Islands (Kagalaska Along the midway of the Andreanof Islands) The Rat Islands The Fox Islands The Near Islands The Semichi Islands But... Who where the Aleuts? Who? Made up from several Eskimo related groups
Originally Called themselves Unangan (we the people) Lives and Beliefs Hereditary Classes: Noble, commoners, slaves
Ranking reflected living conditions
Creator God, Agugux
"East" and "The Above" Sacred Places
Mummification in death Unangan Shaman Jobs and Ecconomy Fishing and Hunting
Division of Labor
Tools made of Bone, Grass, and Wood
Ivory trade.
Lived in Barbaras
Used Baidarkas Unangan (Aleutian) Hunter Marriage and Kinship Most likely exogamous
House passed down to eldest daughter
Families lived together
Inheritance through death (Aleut Family Photo) Russian Influence First influence in 1700's
Brought Metal Harpoons and Russian Orthodox church.
Some families started
Trading furs and Ivory (St. Peter the Aleut) World War II Japanese Invasion
Bombing of Dutch Harbor
Occupation of Attu, Kiska, and Agattu islands
Counterattack by U.S. in 1943 (Downed Japanese Plane in the Aleutian)
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