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Hydro Electricity and Solar Energy

No description

Mariah K

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Hydro Electricity and Solar Energy

Similarities and Differences Long Term and Short Term Effects of Hydro Electricity Solar Energy Hydro Electricity Advantages and Disadvantages
of Solar Energy Long term and Short Term Effects of Solar Energy Some short term and long term effects of solar panels include the initial cost, it reduces the reliability on fossil fuels, and the amount of maintenance. When first installing solar panels it costs a large amount of money (the cost could reach $20,000). When using solar panels, one of the long term effects is that it reduces the dependency of using oil and other fossil fuels. Another big long term effect is that after days in the snow, the solar panel will eventually break down and it will need some repairs. Similarities Some short term effects of Hydro Electricity are it creates electricity and it also creates jobs. The long term effects of this source of electricity are it takes away a fish's habitat and there is a possible loss of agriculture land. Hydro Electricity and Solar Energy How is the Resource used to Produce Electricity How is the resource used to produce electricity Advantages Disadvantages After a dam is built, it can create an unlimited amount of electricity, when electricity is not in use, it can be saved until needed, dams can last for many decades, the dams do not emit green house gases/pollution into the air, and it has a low maintenance cost. Renewable Sources of Electrical Energy Differences The sun’s energy/ light goes through a solar cell
where it is converted to electricity. The solar cell is made up of silicon and when the light runs through it, the electrons begin to move around. The moving electrons flow through wires built in the solar panels and we get our electricity. First, water from a waterfall or river is entered into a dam. There it runs into the power plant where it pushes the blades of several turbines. The turbines then turn a shaft which is connected to the generator. The generator transforms the electrical charge into electricity. The usable electricity is sent out through power lines. Finally, the electricity reaches our homes. That is how electricity is made from moving water. It is a type of green energy, no fuel is required, it does not emit waste into the air, it's environmentally friendly and reusable, the cost of generating the sunlight is cheap and the sunlight is obviously free, it just needs to be built in once and then provides unlimited energy, a micro solar panel creates electricity for 24 hours, and solar panels don’t make any noise. Disadvantages The installation cost is pricey, some types of solar panels cannot generate electricity when the sun is not visible (like at night and when it is cloudy), in some cases solar panels take a lot of space on the roof, and the device used to store solar energy is currently really massive and unhandy, Advantages and Disadvantages
of Hydro Electricity Advantages Dams are expensive to build, the dams can cause floods, a dam can cause damage to the Earth just like the Hoover Dam in the U.S. caused many earthquakes, and fish die/lose habitat when the dam is built. The similarities between Hydro Electricity and Solar Energy are:

- Both are renewable energy sources

- Both resources don’t emit pollution into the air

- Needs to be built once, then both produce unlimited amount of electricity The differences between Solar Energy and Hydro Electricity are:

-Hydro electricity is created by moving water while solar energy creates usable electricity by capturing the suns energy.

-Hydro electricity can be used all day but some solar panels can only be used when the sun is out Diagram Of a Hydro-Electricity Dam Diagram of a Solar Panel
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