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No description

Moriah Basel

on 19 April 2010

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Moriah Basel
Mrs. Carolyn Grimes
Drafter Company's purpose is to satisfy customers everyday with there telephone, house phone, and television services.

In 15 years Verizon will be even larger then it already is because there business is worldwide and they have great customer satisfaction. Also, cell phones are widely used all over the world that there wont be a end to cell phone usage.
What employability skills are needed to work for this company ? Loyalty, Able to work hands on, Multi-Task, Honestly, People Person

Average salary and education needed to work there ? 20.00 an Hour, Mechanical Drafting Certification 18 Month-3 Year Course, & Training In Auto-Cad Design

Skills needed for being a drafter?
Patient, Time-consuming, Technical,

Would I pursue a career with this company?
Yes if I ever needed a fast job that pays good. The reason I say fast is because the course to get the job is 18 months to 3 years and most people get the certification in the 18 months. Also, they make a lot more then minimum wage.

Technology used for being a drafter?
Auto-Cad Design

What I like best about this job?
People, Money, Making Blue prints

What I dislike about this job?
Time consuming,

Auto-Cad AKA Blue Print
of Where to put telephone lines <-- Mrs. Carolyn at Her Desk Headed to Lunch-->
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